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Venkata Sasidhar Kanumuri Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Venkata Sasidhar Kanumuri, also known as Sasi Kanumuri, has been recognized with a 2024 Global Recognition Award for his remarkable cloud cost optimization and FinOps achievements. Kanumuri’s pioneering work and innovative frameworks have significantly impacted high-growth companies, driving substantial cost savings and fostering a culture of financial efficiency and accountability.

The 6-Factor FinOps Formula

The award highlights Kanumuri’s development of the groundbreaking 6-Factor FinOps Formula at This comprehensive framework emphasizes cloud cost visibility, actionable cost insights, robust governance mechanisms, continuous cost optimization, strategic vendor management, and automation.

This formula has been successfully implemented in various organizations, leading to a 10 percent reduction in total cloud spend, automated chargebacks for efficient cost allocation, improved cost monitoring, and reduced cloud waste from 30 percent to less than 5 percent. These achievements demonstrate Kanumuri’s ability to drive significant cost savings and operational efficiency through

Innovation in Cost Governance

Kanumuri’s “#Piggy-bank” framework for cost governance, developed at, has gained recognition for its innovative approach to cloud financial management.

This framework has allowed companies to improve their financial agility and realize significant cost savings, boosting their overall financial success. As the Co-Founder and Chief Cloud Economist of, Sasi Kanumuri’s expertise in cloud economics, resource optimization, and economic governance has been crucial in developing and implementing these robust frameworks, establishing his reputation as a leader in the FinOps domain.

Visionary Leadership in Cloud FinOps

Kanumuri’s visionary leadership in the cloud and FinOps, as demonstrated through his work at, is a crucial reason for his recognition. His unique blend of hands-on experience thought leadership and passion for knowledge sharing sets him apart from others in the industry. He has authored books and research articles, contributing to the education and mentorship of the next generation of cloud professionals. This dedication to fostering a community of empowered professionals further underscores his transformative impact on the field.

Kanumuri’s thought leadership and practical expertise, honed at, have produced tangible outcomes for numerous organizations. By steering companies toward FinOps excellence and cloud financial success, he has shown his dedication to customer success and continuous innovation. This commitment has led to substantial cost savings exceeding USD 100 million annually, showcasing his ability to drive efficiency and innovation in high-growth environments.

Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

Kanumuri’s commitment to excellence and innovation is evident in his development of the 6-Factor FinOps Formula and the “#Piggy-bank” framework. These initiatives have driven transformative savings and enhanced the agility and scalability of cloud financial operations. His strategic approach to cloud cost optimization has set new benchmarks for efficiency and effectiveness in the industry, making him deserving of a 2024 Global Recognition Award.

Kanumuri’s ability to cultivate cost-aware engineering cultures and scale cloud financial operations has been instrumental in his success. His visionary approach, grounded in practical applications and real-world results, has positioned him as a transformative leader in the FinOps field. This award recognizes his outstanding contributions and dedication to driving financial efficiency and innovation in cloud technologies.


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Scaling Cloud FinOps: Proven Strategies to Accelerate Financial Success

A book was authored by Kanumuri and Matthew Zeier (aka MRZ), a renowned Platform Engineering Leader and a business partner at Sunnylabs AI. This comprehensive guide provides invaluable insights into enabling FinOps at scale.
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What Readers Will Learn

  • Cultivating a Culture of Cost Awareness and Accountability: This book teaches how to foster collaboration and data-driven decision-making to enhance cloud efficiency.
  • Learning from FinOps Pioneers: Readers benefit from the experiences of those who successfully scaled FinOps practices at tech giants and startups.
  • Exploring Unique Frameworks: The book offers unique frameworks, real-world case studies, and essential insights for effective cloud cost management.
  • Acquiring Expert Techniques: Readers learn expert techniques in cost optimization, automation, and vendor management for significant savings and optimal efficiency.


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What They Do

Venkata Sasidhar Kanumuri, also known as Sasi Kanumuri, is a leading expert in cloud cost optimization and FinOps. He has developed innovative frameworks such as the 6-Factor FinOps Formula and the "#Piggy-bank" framework, which help organizations achieve significant cost savings and improve financial efficiency. His work emphasizes cloud cost visibility, actionable insights, governance, continuous optimization, strategic vendor management, and automation. Kanumuri's expertise has driven substantial cost reductions and operational efficiency in high-growth companies, establishing him as a prominent figure in cloud financial management. He is also dedicated to educating and mentoring the next generation of cloud professionals.


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