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2024 Global Recognition Awards

The Global Recognition Awards is a program that honors individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the field of recognition. The awards recognize excellence in areas such as employee recognition, customer service, sales recognition, and branding and marketing.

Anyone can nominate an individual or organization for a Global Recognition Award, including colleagues, managers, customers, and vendors.

To be eligible for a Global Recognition Award, an individual or organization must meet the criteria outlined in the award category they are being nominated for. These criteria vary depending on the award category.

Nominations can be submitted through the online nomination form on the Global Recognition Awards website. The form requires the nominee’s name, organization, contact information, and a brief summary of why they deserve to win the award.

The deadline for submitting a nomination  is 2 weeks from the date the first entrant in your category applies. 

The award winners are selected by a panel of judges who review the nominations based on specific criteria outlined for each award category.

The award categories include Employee Recognition, Customer Service, Sales Recognition, Branding and Marketing, and other categories based on the current industry trends.

Winning a Global Recognition Award provides several benefits, including increased brand awareness, enhanced employee morale, recognition of achievements, and potential opportunities for media coverage.

Yes, you can nominate yourself for a Global Recognition Award, as long as you meet the eligibility requirements for the award category.

You can contact the Global Recognition Awards team through the contact form provided on the website, or by emailing them at the email address provided on the website.

Global Recognition Awards

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2024 Global Recognition Awards

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