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Soumit Roy Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Soumit Roy has been recognized with a 2024 Global Recognition Award for his exceptional contributions to the field of Data & AI, mainly through the development of innovative products like Finance Assist, listed in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. This recognition underscores his extraordinary ability and notability in his field of expertise, marking him as a standout individual in the USA’s consulting industry.

The award highlights Soumit’s impact on financial analytics by creating Finance Assist. This AI-powered tool is not just an application; it’s a revolution in financial analytics, offering essential insights that enable businesses to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently. By integrating advanced data models, KPIs, and dashboards, Soumit demonstrates a deep understanding of the financial industry’s needs, providing a solution that significantly reduces the time and effort required for financial analytics.

Innovative Contributions

Finance Assist’s presence in the Oracle Marketplace speaks volumes about its effectiveness and the innovation behind its creation. Being listed in this selective marketplace underscores the product’s significance in modernizing analytics workloads on the Oracle cloud infrastructure. It’s not just a tool but a testament to Soumit’s ability to address and anticipate the industry’s evolving demands, offering a streamlined solution for upgrading legacy systems and enhancing the precision of financial analyses.

Soumit’s innovation extends beyond Finance Assist. These products collectively showcase his capability to lead and innovate, ensuring that his contributions impact how businesses leverage data and AI for strategic advantages.

Academic Excellence and Industry Impact

Aside from his product development achievements, Soumit’s academic credentials and industry experience set him apart. With a master’s degree in Data Science and a bachelor’s in Electronics, along with authoring 12 peer-reviewed book chapters and journal articles, he has established himself as a thought leader. His academic work and practical experience demonstrate a unique blend of knowledge and application, making his contributions all the more valuable.

Soumit’s patent pending on using AI to address global warming is another facet of his multifaceted career, showcasing his commitment to leveraging technology for societal benefits. This approach highlights his innovative spirit and his dedication to using his expertise for larger causes, setting a precedent for how data and AI can be used to tackle pressing global challenges.

Final Words

The recognition of Soumit with a 2024 Global Recognition Award is a testament to his outstanding contributions to the Data & AI sector. His work advances the field technically and demonstrates a clear vision of its potential to address broader societal issues. Soumit stands out as an individual whose career is marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence, making him deserving of this prestigious award.

This award is not just a recognition of past achievements but also a nod to the potential impacts of his ongoing work. As Soumit continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in Data & AI, his influence extends beyond the immediate industry, inspiring a new generation of professionals and innovators. The 2024 Global Recognition Award is a fitting acknowledgment of his role as a pioneer and leader in the field, setting benchmarks for others to aspire to.


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Soumit Roy is a distinguished figure in the Data & AI sector, earning acclaim for creating groundbreaking products like Finance Assist, featured in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. His work focuses on revolutionizing financial analytics and cloud infrastructure, leveraging advanced data models and AI to provide businesses with crucial insights for informed decision-making. Roy's expertise not only modernizes analytics workloads but also anticipates the evolving needs of the industry. With a solid academic background in Data Science and Electronics, and contributions to peer-reviewed literature, he merges theoretical knowledge with practical solutions, addressing global challenges like climate change through innovative applications of technology.

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