Shanghai Construction Group Canada Corporation CELEBRATES 2024 GLOBAL RECOGNITION AWARD™

Global Recognition Awards

Shanghai Construction Group Canada Corporation Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Shanghai Construction Group Canada Corporation (SCGCC), a visionary in the underground infrastructure microtunneling sector, has earned a 2024 Global Recognition Award. This honor celebrates their exceptional impact and advancements in the field.

Innovation and Milestones

SCGCC has achieved a remarkable milestone by completing the longest continuous drive for micro-tunneling in North America. This achievement is not just a testament to their technical skills but also a reflection of their innovative spirit. The company has established itself as an industry leader, driving change and setting new standards in microtunneling.

Commitment to Safety and Quality

What truly sets SCGCC apart is their unwavering commitment to safety and a consistent track record of high-quality performance. In an industry where safety is critical, their dedication to these principles has been pivotal in securing the trust of their clients. This focus on safety and quality has been integral to their success and is a key reason for their selection for a 2024 Global Recognition Award.

Business Growth and Industry Recognition

With an impressive annual revenue of 30 million CAD and consistent revenue growth, SCGCC’s business acumen is evident. Their recognition at NO DIG NORTH 2022 as the Canadian Project of the Year further solidifies their status in the industry. Their best-selling service, microtunneling, underscores their specialization and expertise, contributing significantly to their growth and success.

Client Relationships and Market Impact

SCGCC’s ability to attract and retain major clients speaks volumes about their market impact. By focusing on a niche yet vital area of underground infrastructure, they have not only carved a unique position for themselves but have also contributed to the broader industry’s growth.

Final Words

A 2024 Global Recognition Award is more than an acknowledgment of SCGCC’s financial success and client expansion. It is a tribute to their pioneering achievements and steadfast dedication to safety and quality in underground infrastructure microtunneling. These distinguished qualities make SCGCC a deserving recipient of this prestigious honor.


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Edmonton, Canada

What They Do

Shanghai Construction Group (Canada) Corporation is a subsidiary of the Shanghai Construction Group Co, Ltd., headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta since 2007. SCG had more than 60 years of trenchless industry experience across the globe, tunneling in populated urban areas with complicated utility congestion and complex ground conditions, including tunneling in regions with potential seismic activity.

As a subsidiary, SCG Canada has full support of the SCG headquarters. Our service ranges from building construction, pipe jacking and micro-tunneling, segmental liner tunneling, shaft construction, tunnel rehabilitation and vertical jacking-up.

SCG Canada is committed to always improving and innovating construction technologies, manufacturing capabilities, and project management practices.


Junfeng Ye

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