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Sarah-Eliessa Badaoui Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Sarah-Eliessa Badaoui has been recognized with a 2024 Global Recognition Award for her extraordinary contributions to the field of cybersecurity education. Her innovative approach to combining criminal profiling, behavioral analysis, psychology, and cybersecurity represents a pioneering initiative that addresses critical gaps in current educational frameworks In January 2024, she achieved a significant milestone by creating and securing approval for three new courses in cybercriminal profiling at Polytechnique Montréal. This accomplishment marks a personal triumph and significantly advances cybersecurity education in Quebec, Canada.

Badaoui’s courses provide a unique educational approach by equipping students with the skills to profile cybercriminals, understand their motivations, and apply this knowledge to prevent future crimes. This forward-thinking initiative is designed to deepen students’ understanding of cybercrimes through the lens of cybercriminals, covering a broad spectrum from hackers to cyberterrorists and cyberpedophiles. Her ability to convince the head department to include these courses in the cybersecurity degree program, with the official launch scheduled for August 2024, underscores her dedication and innovative vision.

Educational Milestones and Vision

Badaoui’s commitment to cybersecurity education is rooted in her extensive academic and professional background. As a full-time lecturer at Polytechnique Montréal, she combines her role with ongoing academic pursuits. She holds a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity, is completing a master’s degree in criminal profiling, and plans to start a PhD in forensic cyberpsychology to get her expertise.

Badaoui’s academic journey is driven by a profound interest in understanding the psychological underpinnings of cybercrimes. She aims to develop a holistic cybersecurity approach encompassing technical skills and an in-depth understanding of the cybercriminal mind. This dedication is evident in her continuous efforts to bridge critical gaps in cybersecurity education.

Innovative Educational Contributions

What sets Badaoui apart in cybersecurity is her passion for ensuring cybersafety for all. Between 2021 and 2023, she went from an undergraduate to a teaching assistant, threat analyst, and cyberdefense project manager, showcasing her continuous learning and striving for excellence. These experiences have solidified her resolve to delve deeper into the academic aspects of cybersecurity.

In 2023, Badaoui embraced the role of a full-time lecturer while pursuing a master’s in criminal profiling. This path revealed a critical gap in our understanding of cybercrime: the need to understand the cybercriminal mind with its varied motivations. Motivated by a desire to bridge this gap, she embarked on an ambitious project to develop three courses in cybercriminal profiling.

Final Words

Despite facing initial skepticism and being one of the youngest lecturers, Badaoui dedicated countless hours to researching, understanding, and articulating how criminal profiling could transform our approach to cybercrime prevention. Her relentless pursuit of innovation within her field, her determination to see complex projects through to fruition, and her unwavering belief that understanding the predator is key to protecting the victim have led to these courses’ successful development and acceptance. Their launch in August 2024 will mark a significant achievement in Canadian cybersecurity education.

At 29 years old, having developed and led these groundbreaking courses, Badaoui exemplifies how passion and perseverance can lead to transformative outcomes. Her work in developing courses in cybercriminal profiling showcases her innovative vision and dedication to advancing cybersecurity education. A 2024 Global Recognition Award acknowledges her significant contributions and highlights the importance of understanding the criminal mind in preventing cybercrimes.


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Sarah-Eliessa Badaoui has made significant contributions to cybersecurity education by integrating criminal profiling, behavioral analysis and forensic psychology into the curriculum. At Polytechnique Montréal, she developed and secured approval for three new courses in cybercriminal profiling, launching in August 2024. Badaoui's unique approach equips students with skills to understand and prevent cybercrimes by studying cybercriminal motivations. Her academic journey includes a bachelor's in cybersecurity, ongoing master's in criminal profiling, and plans for a PhD in forensic cyberpsychology. Despite initial skepticism, Badaoui's innovative vision and dedication have led to transformative advancements in cybersecurity education in Quebec, Canada.


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