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Saikiran Subbagari Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Saikiran Subbagari has been recognized with a 2024 Global Recognition Award for his exceptional contributions to the banking and technology industry, demonstrating extraordinary ability and notability in his expertise. Subbagari’s significant achievements include developing and implementing analytics solutions that secured $3.2 billion in PPP loans, aiding nearly 23,000 businesses during a critical time. This project showcased his technical prowess and capacity to impact the business landscape significantly during challenging periods.

Subbagari’s scholarly work further highlights his deep commitment to advancing his field. He has authored seven scholarly articles, including “Counter Measures to Combat Money Laundering in the New Digital Age,” published in the prestigious ACM Journal, contributing to the knowledge in technology and analytics. His publications are evidence of his thought leadership and dedication to research, enhancing his reputation as a leading expert in his industry.

Leadership and Innovation

Subbagari’s role as a Developer and Risk and Compliance analytics lead has enabled him to design and implement cutting-edge solutions for complex data models and compliance audits. Subbagari excels in developing sophisticated ETL solutions and analytical platforms that improve decision-making and operational efficiency for his clients, showcasing his ability to lead high-stakes projects successfully.

Besides his technical skills, Subbagari’s leadership extends to coaching and team building. He has driven business development initiatives and fostered strong client relationships. His project management and analytics approach has enhanced business outcomes and robust team dynamics, encouraging continuous learning and improvement. High-level technical expertise and strong leadership skills make Subbagari a standout professional.

Client-Centric Impact and Community Contribution

Subbagari’s client-centric approach is evident in his ability to tailor solutions that address specific business challenges. He strongly emphasizes building relationships with clients, understanding their needs, and quickly adapting solutions to emerging business trends and technologies. His work developing analytics for AML and PPP loans has directly contributed to substantial outcomes, demonstrating his commitment to adding value to his clients and the broader community.

Subbagari’s active participation in industry forums and his fellowship at RSA underline his commitment to community engagement and professional development. He is recognized for presenting innovative solutions in risk and compliance analytics and big data processing, showcasing his professional abilities and desire to contribute to the industry’s growth and knowledge sharing.

Final Words

A 2024 Global Recognition Award for Saikiran Subbagari acknowledges his remarkable achievements within the banking and technology sectors. His development of groundbreaking solutions, academic articles, and guidance in pivotal projects have made him a prominent leader. Subbagari’s commitment to enhancing industry understanding and his influence on improving business practices and regulatory adherence are central to the values honored by this award.

Subbagari’s achievements signify personal excellence and represent his ability to inspire and lead others in the technology community. His award-winning performance is anticipated to influence further advancements in the industry, impacting technology implementation and business practices globally.


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Banking and Fintech


Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

What They Do

Saikiran Subbagari is an expert in banking and technology, specializing in developing and implementing analytics solutions. He played a crucial role in securing $3.2 billion in PPP loans, benefiting nearly 23,000 businesses. As a Developer and Risk and Compliance analytics lead, he designs cutting-edge solutions for complex data models and compliance audits. Subbagari has authored seven scholarly articles in the ACM journal, contributing to technology and analytics knowledge. He excels in coaching, team building, and fostering client relationships. His work in AML and PPP loan analytics demonstrates his ability to tailor solutions to specific business challenges.


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