Global Recognition Awards

RIoT Secure Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

RIoT Secure has been recognized with a 2024 Global Recognition Award for its outstanding contributions to the Internet of Things (IoT) security landscape. The company’s innovative solutions, including a groundbreaking hardware sandbox and a patented communication protocol, have set new standards in the industry.

RIoT Secure developed and commercialized a hardware sandbox that isolates device operations, enhancing security without compromising performance. This innovation ensures IoT devices operate in a controlled environment, preventing unauthorized access and cyber threats. The company patented a communication protocol that reduces IoT device data transmission by over 95 percent. This significant reduction decreases the attack surface, optimizing operational efficiency and enhancing overall security.

Industry Recognition and Achievements

RIoT Secure’s commitment to advancing IoT security has garnered several prestigious awards, reflecting its impact and innovation. The company was awarded “Best IoT Lifecycle Management Platform” for its comprehensive approach to device security from deployment to decommission. This award highlights RIoT Secure’s dedication to providing end-to-end security solutions that address the entire lifecycle of IoT devices.

RIoT Secure received the “Most Innovative Security Solution of the Year” award, validating its unique integration of advanced security practices into IoT operations. This recognition underscores the company’s ability to stay ahead of emerging threats and deliver cutting-edge security solutions that protect connected devices in real-time.

Client Success and Market Impact

RIoT Secure secured its first significant customer by implementing its solution in a critical infrastructure setting at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. This deployment ensures robust, real-time security for the airport’s IoT devices, showcasing the effectiveness and reliability of RIoT Secure’s technology in high-stakes environments. The success at Arlanda Airport serves as a testament to the company’s ability to meet the demanding security needs of complex IoT ecosystems.

The company’s revenue growth of 50 percent further illustrates its market impact and success. RIoT Secure’s innovative solutions and strong market presence have positioned it as a leader in IoT security, driving significant growth and attracting industry recognition. The continuous recognition at various industry events and by leading security analysts reaffirms the company’s status as a pioneer in the field.

Commitment to Innovation and Excellence

RIoT Secure’s dedication to innovation and excellence is evident in its numerous accolades. The company was awarded “Business Management Platform of the Year” for its device lifecycle management solution, highlighting its ability to provide comprehensive and effective security management for IoT devices. Additionally, the “Innovation Excellence Award 2024” from CIOBulletin recognized RIoT Secure’s unique and innovative approach to IoT security.

RIoT Secure was named “Emerging Company of the Year – Enterprise Market” by the IoT Breakthrough Awards. This award acknowledges the company’s innovative approach to separating concerns for the functionality of IoT devices, ensuring a secure ecosystem. RIoT Secure’s proactive measures and cutting-edge solutions have set new benchmarks in the industry, making it a standout player in the IoT security landscape.

Final Words

RIoT Secure’s remarkable achievements in the IoT security sector have earned it a 2024 Global Recognition Award. The company’s innovative solutions, industry recognition, and commitment to excellence have solidified its position as a leader in the field. RIoT Secure continues to push the boundaries of IoT security, providing robust and scalable solutions that protect connected devices and ensure their safe operation in various environments.

A 2024 Global Recognition Award celebrates RIoT Secure’s dedication to advancing IoT security and its significant contributions to the industry. As the company continues to innovate and set new standards, it remains at the forefront of ensuring the safety and reliability of connected devices worldwide.


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Internet of Things (IoT) Security Industry


Stockholm, Sweden

What They Do

RIoT Secure specializes in IoT security, offering innovative solutions to protect connected devices. The company developed a hardware sandbox that isolates device operations, enhancing security while maintaining performance. RIoT Secure also patented a communication protocol that significantly reduces data transmission, optimizing efficiency and security. The company provides comprehensive lifecycle management for IoT devices, addressing security from deployment to decommission. With successful implementations in critical infrastructure, such as Stockholm Arlanda Airport, RIoT Secure demonstrates its technology’s reliability in high-stakes environments. Continuous revenue growth and industry accolades highlight its impact and leadership in the IoT security landscape.


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