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Progressive Play Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Progressive Play has been recognized with a 2024 Global Recognition Award for its outstanding contributions to education and healthcare. Located in Australia, this innovative company specializes in professional development, team building, and therapeutic interventions using LEGO® based methods. The company’s distinct approach has successfully catered to over 900 clients, evidencing its substantial impact on the community and its dedication to fostering growth and well-being among children and adults alike.

Revenue Growth Leadership

One of the most notable achievements of Progressive Play is its exceptional revenue growth, which has seen a 100 percent increase. This financial success directly reflects its effectiveness and the high demand for specialized educational and therapeutic methods that cater to mental health and neurodiversity. Progressive Play, a CPD-accredited provider, underscores its commitment to quality and professional standards, significantly contributing to its reputation as a leader in educational innovation.

Innovative Approaches

The company’s use of LEGO-based therapeutic interventions is a pioneering method within the therapeutic field. This unique approach differentiates Progressive Play from its competitors and highlights its creative solutions to education and mental health challenges. Integrating play therapy into educational and therapeutic frameworks demonstrates the company’s innovative spirit and ability to adapt playful methodologies for severe educational outcomes.

Progressive Play provides comprehensive training for various professionals, focusing on the nuances of mental health and neurodiversity. This aspect of the company’s operation enriches the professional skills of educators and therapists, enhancing its capacity to make a difference in the lives of the individuals it serves. Progressive Play ensures that its impact is immediate and sustainable through these educational programs.

Final Words

Awarding a 2024 Global Recognition Award to Progressive Play underscores the company’s influential role in reshaping educational and therapeutic practices. Its commitment to quality education and innovative methods have set new standards within the industry. This recognition celebrates the company’s achievements and sets the stage for future innovations and continued excellence in serving the community.

Progressive Play’s dedication to advancing mental health and well-being through innovative and effective educational tools marks it as a deserving recipient of a 2024 Global Recognition Award. The company’s influence extends beyond the typical boundaries of education and therapy, impacting all professional development and individual growth levels. This award serves as a model of excellence and a guide for others in the industry to follow.


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Education and Healthcare


Ningi, QLD, Australia

What They Do

Progressive Play, based in Australia, specializes in professional development, team building, and therapeutic interventions using LEGO®-based methods. The company has successfully catered to over 900 clients, focusing on mental health and neurodiversity. As a CPD-accredited provider, Progressive Play offers comprehensive training for educators and therapists, enhancing their skills in addressing mental health and educational challenges. The company's innovative approach integrates play therapy into educational and therapeutic frameworks, promoting growth and well-being among children and adults. This unique method distinguishes Progressive Play as a leader in educational innovation and therapeutic practice.


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