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Polygenics Consulting Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Polygenics Consulting has received a 2024 Global Recognition Award for its exceptional service and leadership in DNA testing within Jamaica and the broader Caribbean region. As a pioneer in the local industry, Polygenics Consulting stands out for its commitment to enhancing family relationships and ensuring customer satisfaction through accurate and timely DNA testing services. This award celebrates their decade of excellence and innovation in a field that profoundly impacts personal and legal relationships.

The company’s approach to DNA testing is uniquely client-centered, which is evident in its motto of valuing people over profit. Polygenics Consulting provides a comfortable, judgment-free environment, accommodating clients with extended service hours and mobile testing to meet them wherever they are. This business model has catered to a diverse clientele, ensuring privacy and ease in sensitive situations, such as legal disputes or family matters, significantly enhancing the client experience.

Commitment to Excellence

Over the years, Polygenics Consulting has achieved remarkable growth, with a reported revenue increase of 50%. This growth is not just in financial terms but also in their client’s trust and reliance on their services. The company’s dedication is further highlighted by its ranking as the number one corporate partner by its accredited partner lab, which underscores its leadership in the industry and commitment to maintaining high standards of service and reliability.

Their extensive range of testing services, including paternity, maternity, immigration, and more, makes them the region’s most comprehensive DNA testing provider. Polygenics Consulting has also facilitated DNA testing across international lines, helping families and individuals in Jamaica and the Caribbean diaspora connect and resolve uncertainties with ease and confidence. Their ability to advise and guide clients towards achieving their personal goals sets them apart from other providers in the sector.

Impact and Recognition

Polygenics Consulting’s impact is further recognized through various accolades and support from prestigious bodies like the European Union, the Caribbean Export Development Agency, the Development Bank of Jamaica, and the International Development Bank through the BIGEE Grant Program. These endorsements validate their business model and support their continued growth and innovation in the DNA testing field.

With a perfect five-star customer satisfaction rating and consistent recognition as the leading choice for DNA testing in Jamaica, Polygenics Consulting remains at the forefront of technological and service advancements. Their commitment to providing peace of mind through personalized, efficient, and sensitive handling of each case ensures that their client’s needs are met with the highest standards of care and professionalism.

Final Words

The decision to award Polygenics Consulting a 2024 Global Recognition Award is a testament to their outstanding contributions to DNA testing. As they approach their tenth anniversary, their ongoing commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and innovative practices continues to set them apart as a leader in the global marketplace. This recognition is well-deserved and highlights their significant role in enhancing the lives of individuals and families through science and compassionate service.

Polygenics Consulting exemplifies what it means to lead with integrity and dedication in the ever-evolving field of DNA testing. This award honors their past achievements and anticipates their future endeavors to positively impact the global community. Congratulations to Polygenics Consulting on their well-earned 2024 Global Recognition Award.


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DNA Testing


Kingston, Jamaica

What They Do

Polygenics Consulting specializes in DNA testing services with a focus on paternity, maternity, and immigration testing. Based in Jamaica, they serve both local and Caribbean diaspora clients. Their client-centered approach emphasizes privacy, convenience, and non-judgmental service, offering mobile testing and extended hours to meet clients' needs in various sensitive situations. They are recognized for their growth and trust within the community, positioning themselves as a leader in the DNA testing field. Their services not only help in resolving familial and legal issues but also assist individuals in connecting with family members across international lines.


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