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Pius Obukohwo Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

In the dynamic sphere of the Oil & Gas industry, Pius Obukohwo, the driving force behind Chevron Nigeria Limited, stands out for his visionary leadership. His strategic acumen and dedication have not only propelled Chevron Nigeria Limited to new heights but have also earned the company the prestigious 2024 Global Recognition Award. Obukohwo’s leadership is a beacon of innovation, sustainable development, and community stewardship in the sector.

Strategic Negotiation and Cost Efficiency

Under Obukohwo’s guidance, Chevron Nigeria Limited achieved significant cost savings exceeding $200,000. This milestone, attributed to Obukohwo’s financial expertise and strategic negotiation skills, demonstrates his commitment to efficiency and resource stewardship, setting a new benchmark in fiscal prudence and project management within the industry.

Commitment to Stewardship and Community Involvement

Pius Obukohwo’s leadership extends Chevron Nigeria Limited’s reach beyond corporate boundaries, fostering stewardship, community involvement, and sustainable development. His collaborative efforts with stakeholders, government, and NGOs in environmental initiatives exemplify his holistic approach to business, prioritizing societal benefits alongside profitability.

Client Expansion and Industry Recognition

Under Obukohwo’s leadership, Chevron Nigeria Limited expanded its client base by over 100 entities, affirming its market position and influence. Obukohwo’s role in garnering industry recognition, including accolades for Outstanding Performance in the safe completion of the 2022 Agbami Turn Around Maintenance, underscores his commitment to excellence and safety.

Expertise in Project Management

Pius Obukohwo’s exceptional project management skills are central to Chevron Nigeria Limited’s success. His ability to blend technical expertise with strategic foresight has not only advanced the company but also created a legacy of efficiency and excellence in the Oil & Gas sector.

Final Words

Pius Obukohwo’s exemplary leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence are evident in every facet of Chevron Nigeria Limited’s operations. The 2024 Global Recognition Award is a testament to his visionary leadership and potential for future achievements. As he continues to navigate the complexities of the Oil & Gas sector, Obukohwo’s trajectory remains a shining example of innovation, stewardship, and commitment.


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Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria

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Pius Obukohwo is a distinguished leader in the Oil & Gas industry, known for his role at Chevron Nigeria Limited. His strategic vision and leadership have been pivotal in driving the company forward, achieving notable cost savings and expanding its client base significantly. Obukohwo excels in strategic negotiation, project management, and fostering community involvement, emphasizing sustainable development and environmental stewardship. His efforts have garnered Chevron Nigeria Limited prestigious accolades, including the 2024 Global Recognition Award, underlining his commitment to excellence, safety, and innovation in the sector. Obukohwo's work sets a benchmark in efficient resource management and corporate responsibility.


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