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Navdeep Malik Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Navdeep Malik has been recognized with a 2024 Global Recognition Award for his exceptional contributions as an expert Technical Program Manager at Charter Communications. Throughout his distinguished 18-year career within Information Technology, including roles at Fortune 500 companies, Malik has established a track record of leading multiple successful technology programs. His innovative approach and leadership in Charter’s Outage Management program demonstrate his expertise and commitment to revolutionizing the customer experience during service disturbances in the Internet and Cable TV domains.

Under Malik’s guidance, the program has achieved notable milestones, including preventing millions of customer calls to the Call Center, reducing technician dispatches thereby achieving cost savings of upwards of $1 billion, and notably increasing the customer satisfaction rating from 3.4 to 4.5 out of 5. These accomplishments underscore the tangible impact of Malik’s work on operational efficiency and customer relations. His foresight in proactive customer notification and utilizing Artificial Intelligence to manage and communicate outages has set a benchmark within the telecommunications industry.

Innovative Leadership

The Outage Management program’s forward-thinking solutions have marked a significant change in telecommunications customer communications, prompting other industry leaders to follow suit. As a program manager, Malik was instrumental in developing unique products to address challenges such as mass notification during network outages. His adoption of emerging technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, analytics, and robust network monitoring tools, allows for accurate, real-time service disruption communication, efficiently reaching millions of customers monthly.

Moreover, Malik’s initiative has transcended beyond cost savings and process improvements; it has strengthened customer trust and loyalty by turning predicaments of service disruptions into opportunities for proactive engagement and support. Such innovative practices have brought economic benefits to Charter Communications and served as a revolutionary methodology for customer experience management across the telecommunications sector.

Commitment to Excellence

What sets Malik apart is his dedication to professional development and knowledge-sharing. As a distinguished mentor and coach in Program and Project Management, he fosters an environment of learning and growth for IT professionals. His credentials as a SAFe Practice Consultant and holder of multiple certifications, including PMP, CSM, and SAFe, reflect his commitment to adopting and implementing the best program and project management practices. This commitment is evidence of Malik’s role as a thought leader and innovator in information technology.

Furthermore, Malik’s ability to manage a large, diverse team across 17 application groups and 91 team members exemplifies his leadership prowess. His consistent engagement with senior leadership and emphasis on transparent communication have been pivotal in steering the Outage Management program toward sustained success. These achievements, coupled with his focus on strategic execution and methodology implementation, have earmarked him as a leader who meets and exceeds the demands of the modern technological landscape.

Final Words

Recognition from the 2024 Global Recognition Award reaffirms that Navdeep Malik’s innovation, management acumen, and unwavering commitment to excellence have not gone unnoticed. His ability to improve customer experience during some of the most challenging and crucial moments for any service provider – network outages – shows a remarkable understanding of the critical intersection between technology and human-centric services.

His accolades, including the prestigious “International Achievers’ Award for Excellence in Technical Program Management,” set him apart as a leader in his field. Malik’s legacy is not just in the impressive achievements under his program management but also in the lives and careers he has influenced through his mentorship and passion for continuous improvement both within his organization and the industry at large.


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What They Do

Navdeep Malik plays a pivotal role in IT companies, acting as the linchpin that holds various
projects and their respective teams together to ensure cohesive progress towards overarching organizational goals. With an impeccable 18+ years of experience in IT and profound expertise
in both program management and project management principles and technical domains,
Navdeep Malik is responsible for orchestrating the development and execution of program
strategies, mitigating risks, and fostering communication across cross-functional teams to
drive innovation and efficiency.


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