My Holistic Self® Counselling Services CELEBRATES 2024 GLOBAL RECOGNITION AWARD™

Global Recognition Awards

My Holistic Self® Counselling Services Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

My Holistic Self® Counselling Services has been recognized with the 2024 Global Recognition Award for its unparalleled dedication to harmonizing mental health treatment with holistic practices. Since its inception in April 2021, founder Jennifer Jurkofsky has steered the company to incredible heights. The company has expanded its client base this year and succeeded in selling resources in 19 countries—a remarkable achievement for a sole proprietorship.

Their innovative mental health approach, combining traditional Western psychotherapy with Eastern energy healing and spiritual exploration, has earned them widespread acclaim. By offering a range of services, such as EMDR, spiritual counseling, intuitive life coaching, and psychotherapeutic Reiki, My Holistic Self® stands at the forefront of a new wave of therapeutic offerings. Applying such varied methodologies under a single umbrella of services has positioned Jennifer Jurkofsky’s practice distinctively in the competitive wellness industry.

Innovation and Expansion

Recognizing the evolving landscape of mental health treatments, My Holistic Self® has introduced innovative strategies that merge seemingly disparate fields. Incorporating modalities like Human Design and the Gene Keys has rendered their offerings particularly effective in addressing the nuanced needs of modern clients. This unique fusion of practices supports clients in achieving a holistic sense of well-being and underpins the company’s significant growth, as reflected in a significant revenue increase.

Moreover, the company has achieved significant milestones, such as successfully selling the EMDR Practitioner Workbook, a tool that aids therapists and clients in managing and processing trauma. The practical applications of My Holistic Self®’s therapeutic tools have transcended borders, helping clientele worldwide. Jennifer’s expertise and innovation have already been recognized by several notable organizations, which is a testament to her ability to deliver a comprehensive and transformative wellness experience.

Community Impact and Recognition

The ethos of My Holistic Self® extends beyond the therapy room into the broader community, fostering an environment where clients feel valued and heard. Through active social media engagement and a commitment to creating a safe space for all, the company has positively influenced the well-being of the communities it serves. Jennifer’s recognition by societies such as Manchester and Cambridge Who’s Who among Social Workers, Executives, and Professionals in Mental Health, and the International Society of Female Professionals underscores the respect she garners among her peers.

An online presence backed by strong ratings further exemplifies the trust and effectiveness of Jennifer’s practice. The extensive reach of the company’s digital footprint—including the sales of therapeutic resources—highlights the scalability and accessibility of its services. The company’s seamless integration of e-commerce with health services reflects its adeptness in harnessing technology to spread its holistic health philosophy globally.

Final Words

The encapsulation of mental health’s complexity within My Holistic Self®’s services defines its success and distinction in the wellness sector. Jennifer Jurkofsky’s commitment as the founder and the company’s tangible positive outcomes for clients have rightly garnered it a 2024 Global Recognition Award. The company’s holistic approach, treating the mind, body, and spirit in unison, delineates a new path in mental healthcare that resonates deeply with modern societal needs for integrative wellness strategies.

Ultimately, the award celebrates the ingenuity and tangible performance growth of My Holistic Self® and signifies an industry-wide acknowledgment of the need for wellness plans to evolve. It’s a testament to the potential of traditional and contemporary practices merging to serve the mental health needs of a diverse and expanding clientele. My Holistic Self®’s blend of empathy, expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit symbolizes the very essence of what the 2024 Global Recognition Award seeks to acknowledge and applaud.


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My Holistic Self® Counselling Services integrates traditional psychotherapy with holistic healing methods to offer comprehensive mental health care. Founded in April 2021 by Jennifer Jurkofsky, the company has achieved remarkable success, expanding its services globally. It provides a diverse range of treatments, including EMDR, spiritual counselling, intuitive life coaching, and psychotherapeutic Reiki. This unique combination of Western and Eastern practices positions the company at the forefront of the wellness industry, catering to a growing clientele seeking a holistic approach to mental health. Its innovative strategies and services have garnered international recognition, underscoring its significant impact and contribution to the field of mental health.


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