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Muhammad Shahmeer Amir Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Muhammad Shahmeer Amir, Founder and CEO of SpeeQR, has been honored with the 2024 Global Recognition Award for his extraordinary contributions to cybersecurity. As the third-ranked bug bounty hunter and ethical hacker worldwide, Shahmeer has demonstrated an exceptional ability to identify and exploit vulnerabilities across various digital platforms. His extensive work as a cybersecurity researcher and bug bounty hunter has led to groundbreaking advancements in web application security, mobile app security, and network penetration testing. Shahmeer’s expertise has been instrumental in assisting over 400 Fortune companies, including Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Twitter, in resolving critical security issues within their systems.

His entrepreneurial ventures, such as SpeeQR, Veiliux, Authiun, and Dark, highlight his innovative approach to cybersecurity and technology. With advanced audio technology, SpeeQR revolutionizes hybrid interpersonal communication for audio and video conferencing. Veiliux is one of Asia’s leading cybersecurity auditing firms, securing one of the largest post-IPO share subscription deals. Authiun offers a next-generation, passwordless, multi-factor authentication solution.

Shahmeer’s leadership extends beyond his technical contributions, earning him numerous accolades, including ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the GiSec Global event and a Forbes Technology Council Board position. His dedication to advancing the field through research, publications, and comprehensive training programs has significantly influenced the industry, inspiring the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

Excellence in Cybersecurity Research

Muhammad Shahmeer Amir is renowned for his excellence in cybersecurity research, having made significant contributions that have profoundly impacted the field. As a top-ranked bug bounty hunter and ethical hacker, Shahmeer’s research focuses on uncovering vulnerabilities in web applications, mobile apps, and network systems. His research has been instrumental in developing robust security measures for over 400 Fortune companies, including tech giants like Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Twitter.

A prolific writer, Shahmeer has authored influential articles and research papers on various cybersecurity topics, including two books. His comprehensive guides on bypassing security measures and exploiting system vulnerabilities are considered essential resources for cybersecurity professionals. Shahmeer’s commitment to education and knowledge sharing is evident in his numerous publications and active participation in global cybersecurity forums. By consistently pushing the boundaries of cybersecurity research, Shahmeer Amir enhances the industry’s understanding of emerging threats and sets a high standard for future researchers and professionals in the field.

Innovating Technology and Cyber Security

Muhammad Shahmeer Amir &’s ventures—Speeqr, Veiliux, Authiun, and Dark—exemplify his innovative spirit and exceptional contributions to the cybersecurity and technology fields, earning him the prestigious Global Recognition Award for 2024.

**Speeqr** revolutionizes hybrid interpersonal communication with its advanced audio and video conferencing technology. Speeqr provides a seamless and secure platform for remote and hybrid interactions, addressing the growing need for reliable communication tools in today’s interconnected world—this venture’s emphasis on completely changing how audio conferencing works.

**Veiliux** is one of Asia’s premier cybersecurity auditing firms, renowned for its thorough security audits and consulting services. Veiliux has secured one of the most significant post-IPO share subscription deals, underscoring its influence and credibility in the industry. By helping organizations fortify their security infrastructure, Veiliux plays a crucial role in preventing cyber threats and ensuring the integrity of business operations. Shahmeer’s leadership in Veiliux highlights his expertise in identifying and mitigating security risks at a corporate level.

**Authiun** offers a next-generation passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution, addressing the pervasive password security issue. Authiun’s innovative approach to authentication, incorporating biometric verification and other advanced techniques, represents a significant leap forward in securing user access and protecting sensitive information. This venture reflects Shahmeer’s foresight in anticipating future security challenges and developing cutting-edge solutions.

**Dark** another of Shahmeer’s ventures, focuses on advanced privacy solutions for consumers. Dark is a seamless privacy solution featured as an Android application for users concerned about privacy, as it creates a separate application space. These ventures collectively demonstrate Shahmeer Amir’s multifaceted approach to cybersecurity and technology. His ability to identify emerging challenges and develop solutions that address current and future needs has solidified his reputation as a visionary in the industry. The impact of his work extends beyond individual achievements, influencing broader
industry practices and inspiring the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

Shahmeer’s receipt of the Global Recognition Award for 2024 is a testament to his extraordinary contributions through these ventures. Each company showcases his technical prowess, innovative thinking, and dedication to making the digital world safer. Through Speeqr, Veiliux, Authiun, and Dark, Shahmeer Amir continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in cybersecurity, earning him well-deserved global acclaim.

Leadership and Industry Recognition

Shahmeer Amir’s leadership in the technology and cybersecurity industry is a testament to his visionary entrepreneurial spirit and profound technical expertise. Beyond his groundbreaking technical contributions, Shahmeer has established himself as a prominent figure through his innovative ventures and influential presence in the industry. Shahmeer’s entrepreneurial journey is marked by several accolades, including being named ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the GiSec Global event. This prestigious recognition underscores his ability to drive innovation and lead successful ventures that address critical cybersecurity challenges. His inclusion in the Forbes Tech Council further validates his significant impact, positioning him among the industry’s most respected leaders.

Microsoft and Facebook have recognized Shahmeer as one of the top ten ethical hackers. His expertise and ethical hacking skills have garnered global attention. His unique ability to identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities has protected numerous organizations and set new standards in cybersecurity practices. As a world-renowned speaker, Shahmeer actively participates in various cybersecurity forums, sharing his knowledge and promoting best practices. His dedication to educating others is evident in his ability to communicate complex technical concepts to diverse audiences, fostering a deeper understanding of cybersecurity issues.

Shahmeer Amir’s leadership and industry recognition highlights his commitment to advancing the field of cybersecurity, inspiring the next generation of professionals, and continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Impactful Publications and Thought Leadership

Shahmeer Amir’s impactful publications and thought leadership have significantly influenced the cybersecurity landscape, earning him a reputation as a thought leader and educator. His prolific writing and speaking engagements have given the cybersecurity community valuable insights and practical advice. Shahmeer is the author of three influential books, including the widely acclaimed “Bug Bounty Hunting Essentials.” This book has become an essential resource for aspiring and experienced cybersecurity professionals, offering detailed methodologies and best practices for identifying and mitigating security vulnerabilities. His other publications delve into advanced topics in cybersecurity, showcasing his deep understanding and expertise in the field.

Shahmeer has also authored numerous articles addressing critical cybersecurity aspects. His articles on bypassing Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection, user impersonation attacks, and injecting database vulnerabilities have been highly regarded for their technical depth and practical applications. These contributions enhance the security knowledge base and provide actionable strategies for professionals to implement in their security practices.

Shahmeer’s thought leadership extends to his active participation in global conferences. As a highly sought-after keynote speaker, he has delivered presentations at over 80 conferences worldwide, including prestigious events like Blackhat, GiSec, FIC, and AEC Alberta. His presentations cover various topics, from cutting-edge cybersecurity techniques to the implications of emerging technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Shahmeer’s ability to break down complex technical concepts into understandable and actionable insights has made him a standout speaker at these conferences. He shares real-world scenarios, advanced research findings, and practical solutions, providing attendees with valuable knowledge and tools to enhance their cybersecurity measures. Shahmeer’s dedication to advancing the field through education is evident in his comprehensive cybersecurity training programs for employees. These programs emphasize the human element of cybersecurity, addressing the importance of awareness and best practices in preventing security breaches.

Shahmeer Amir’s impactful publications and thought leadership have left an indelible mark on the cybersecurity industry. His books, articles, and conference contributions continue to inspire and educate professionals, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement in the ever-evolving field.


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Muhammad Shahmeer Amir is a cybersecurity expert and entrepreneur known for his exceptional skills in identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in digital platforms. As the Founder and CEO of SpeeQR, he leads ventures such as Veiliux, Authiun, and Dark, each focusing on innovative cybersecurity solutions. Shahmeer has assisted over 400 Fortune companies, including Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Twitter, in resolving critical security issues. His research and publications have significantly advanced web application security, mobile app security, and network penetration testing. Shahmeer also actively shares his knowledge through global forums and comprehensive training programs for cybersecurity professionals.


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