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Mitesh Mangaonka Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Mitesh Mangaonkar has been honored with the 2024 Global Recognition Award for remarkable data engineering and architecture achievements. As the Tech Lead Data Engineer at Airbnb’s Trust and Safety organization, Mitesh has been pivotal in developing foundational data models and automating large-scale, high-performance data processing systems. These advancements have fueled Airbnb’s business growth and enhanced the product experience for users. His innovative approach to transforming data platforms through pioneering technologies has notably improved the data quality of the business. His dedication to big data, data governance, and privacy has significantly strengthened the company’s data management capabilities.

The individual distinction he receives today is a testament to his leadership in tech and his active contributions to the broader data engineering community. His presence and voice extend beyond internal processes; as a keynote speaker and panelist at prestigious conferences, he has shared his insights on building effective data strategies and foundational data models within enterprise data engineering, influencing the future trajectory of tech leadership in data privacy and security.

Notable Achievements in Digital Transformation

His innovative contributions have significantly helped transform large enterprises through his expertise in data migration; working as a Data Architect in Amazon Web Services (AWS), he has migrated several on-prem data workloads to AWS cloud for customers, including Whole Foods, Merck, and iHeartRadio saving AWS customers millions of dollars($) in their operations cost of enterprise data warehouse – a testament to the impact of his work. He served as a trusted advisor for AWS Customer CxOs, VPs, and executives on the data strategy roadmap on the AWS cloud.

He served as the founding data engineering and platform engineer at Wework. The foundational data platform he developed there enabled the data community to build data products to drive innovative feature development on the Wework platform. By taking a data-driven approach, these products increased the business’s YoY revenue by 20%. The data engineering tools and processes he developed are exemplary within the tech community, representing a paradigm shift in applying data engineering and data governance in business domains, including cloud computing, real estate, pharmaceuticals, retail, and hospitality.

Recognition and Influence

Mitesh’s expertise and thought leadership extend beyond his central role at Airbnb. He has profoundly impacted the global stage, evidenced by his participation in events like the IDEAS 2023 Global Conference, the 2023 Global AI Conference, and the 2023 IAPP Privacy, Security, and Risk Conference. His insights on the application of data engineering in enterprises reflect his deep understanding of the field and his dedication to sharing knowledge that inspires and educates. Additionally, Mitesh has been a judge in various hackathons, including the Big Data Health Science Conference organized by the University of South Carolina, showcasing his commitment to supporting and evaluating innovative ideas within the tech community.

Beyond corporate circles, Mitesh engages with a broader audience through his published articles and notable presence on platforms such as LinkedIn, where he has amassed over 11,000 followers and is recognized as a Top Voice in Data Engineering and Data Architecture.

Final Words

Winning the 2024 Global Recognition Award as an individual underscores the significance of his contributions to operational excellence across multiple organizations and his influence on the broader tech community’s aspirations. It epitomizes his essential role as a leader and innovator in data engineering and governance. His foresight and fortitude set a benchmark for excellence, making him deserving of this esteemed accolade.


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Seattle, WA, USA

What They Do

He plays a crucial role in protecting the platform against fraud by developing advanced data pipelines and employing generative AI technologies. These innovations have enhanced Airbnb’s trust and safety mechanisms, resulting in significant financial savings by preventing fraud. Mitesh also contributes to the tech community as a speaker, sharing his expertise on leveraging AI within data engineering, thereby influencing the future of tech leadership in data privacy and security.


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