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Manoj Kuppam Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Manoj Kuppam, an individual of exceptional talent in the Information Technology industry in Texas, USA, has been recognized with a 2024 Global Recognition Award for his innovative contributions to the field. His work in modernizing monitoring tools and techniques for an e-commerce platform demonstrates a forward-thinking approach in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

A key factor in Manoj’s achievement of a 2024 Global Recognition Award is his role in introducing and driving the Observability practice at Medline. This initiative led to the adoption of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) culture, which marked a significant shift in how IT systems are monitored and maintained. His efforts in tool consolidation reduced costs, optimized storage for efficient cost modeling and data retention, and enhanced overall system performance.

Manoj’s innovative approach in the industry, contributing to his a 2024 Global Recognition Award, is evident in his development of the SRE scoring method. This method provides tangible action items to assess systems’ reliability, a concept he conceptualized and implemented. His leadership as the SRE Architect and lead has been instrumental in shaping the technical strategy of his organization.

Under Manoj’s guidance, the SRE process won the International Titan Golden Award for 2023 for Best Technical Strategy and Implementation. This recognition reflects the impact and effectiveness of his work in the field of IT, particularly in SRE practices.

What makes Manoj unique in his field, leading to his a 2024 Global Recognition Award, is his foresight in embracing advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) in operations. This approach aligns with the priorities identified in the White House reports for 2023, focusing on supply chain management and technological innovations. His work supports healthcare organizations in enhancing their operational efficiency, ultimately contributing to saving lives.

Manoj’s role as a Site Reliability Engineering Lead, supporting major corporations in making their web applications more reliable and resilient, demonstrates his commitment to continuous improvement and operational excellence. He works closely with business and IT stakeholders, defining standard operating procedures and guidelines to track and enhance system performance.

Final Words

In conclusion, Manoj Kuppam’s receipt of a 2024 Global Recognition Award is a well-deserved recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field of Information Technology. His innovative practices in Site Reliability Engineering, his leadership in technical strategy implementation, and his commitment to integrating AI into operations have significantly advanced the industry, making him a valuable asset and a leading figure in the tech community.


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Information Technology


Dallas, TX, USA

What They Do

Results-driven IT leader specialized in Devops/SRE programs working with cross-functional business teams. Demonstrated success in developing and executing targeted SRE practice with SLIs, SLOs and Error budgets. Work with Software Engineering teams in developing and implementing the DevSecOps tools and techniques. Building and managing globally diverse teams with ability to hire, mentor, nurture, and motivate talent in SRE practice. Effective communicator and leader, with ability to build long-term relationships, establishing a high level of respect, confidence, and trust.


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