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LaBella Moda Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

In an era where economic pressures loom large over consumers, LaBella Moda, led by Anna Gorska, has emerged as a boutique and a beacon of resilience and customer-centricity in Angus. This unwavering commitment to affordability and quality amidst a challenging cost of living crisis has earned Gorska a 2024 Global Recognition Award.

LaBella Moda’s nomination for Scotland’s business awards and its expansion to serve clients across the UK underscore a trajectory of growth and influence. With a clientele that has surpassed 300 since its inception, the boutique’s impact is tangible. An article in The Courier further cements its status in the local community and beyond, highlighting a journey marked by ambition and recognition.

What sets LaBella Moda apart in the boutique industry is not just its inventory of stylish clothes but its principled stance on pricing. While others in the sector may leverage economic conditions to maximize profits, Gorska’s establishment has chosen a path less traveled. LaBella Moda offers sanctuary to those looking to enrich their wardrobe without financial strain by maintaining reasonable prices. This approach is a business model and a statement of solidarity with consumers facing economic hardships.

Gorska’s innovation extends beyond pricing strategies to the essence of customer service. With a five-star online rating, LaBella Moda’s reputation for excellence precedes it, attesting to a business that places customer satisfaction at the forefront. This stellar rating is a testament to the boutique’s commitment to quality, not only in the products it sells but in the experiences it creates for each customer.

Final Words

Anna Gorska’s LaBella Moda represents more than a boutique; it symbolizes adaptability, quality, and ethical business practices in today’s economy. The decision to honor Gorska with a 2024 Global Recognition Award reflects not just her business acumen but her dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of her customers. It’s a recognition of the power of business to act as a force for good, to challenge the status quo, and to offer solutions that prioritize people over profits. LaBella Moda’s journey is a testament to the impact that thoughtful leadership and customer-focused strategies can have on a community and an industry.


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What They Do

This boutique offers a distinctive and personalized shopping experience, specializing in high-quality Italian clothing, accessories, and shoes for women. As a family-run business, it prioritizes style, warmth, and innovative designs to make fashion both fun and functional. Committed to sourcing the latest trends, it aims to be the go-to place for fashion-forward individuals looking to enhance their style. Located in the heart of the Forfar community, the boutique presents a vibrant atmosphere where customers can find both statement pieces for special occasions and everyday essentials. With a passionate and knowledgeable team ready to assist, the boutique invites you to discover the elegance of Italian fashion and elevate your wardrobe with unique and refined choices.


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