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Kumaran Arumugam Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Kumaran Arumugam has been recognized with the 2024 Global Recognition Award for his exceptional contribution to adaptive physical education, specifically within the disability community in Singapore. This accolade highlights his innovative approach to integrating sports into the curriculum for students with multiple disabilities, significantly improving the educational landscape.

His efforts have led to the establishment of pioneering programs such as GOALBALL29, which trains potential visually impaired athletes for national representation. Kumaran Arumugam’s initiative to launch the first-ever para taekwondo competition in Singapore, allowing students with hearing and visual impairments to compete alongside non-disabled athletes, is a profound testament to his dedication to inclusivity.

Innovation in Education

Kumaran Arumugam’s innovative methods have redefined the role of physical education in special needs schools. By implementing structured systems and integrating physical education into his students’ daily activities, he has opened new avenues for engagement and development. These programs are not merely extracurricular activities but are crucial for instilling confidence and a sense of belonging among students.

The impact of his work is evident in the improved quality of life and increased opportunities for his students. Through sports, Kumaran Arumugam has provided these young individuals a platform to excel and challenge societal expectations, promoting a more inclusive community.

Recognition and Influence

Kumaran Arumugam’s recognition extends beyond the local community. He has been awarded multiple accolades, including the People’s Choice Community Changemaker of the Year and the Asian Education Awards for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Adaptive Physical Education.’ These awards underscore the widespread acknowledgment and appreciation of his work, further solidifying his influence in the field.

His approach has set a benchmark for others in the educational sector, encouraging more schools to adopt similar practices. Kumaran Arumugam’s dedication to his craft and steadfast commitment to his students set him apart as a leader and innovator in physical education for students with disabilities.

Final Words

The 2024 Global Recognition Award awarded to Kumaran Arumugam celebrates not just his achievements but the broader impact of his work. His initiatives have transformed the lives of many individuals and inspired a shift towards more inclusive educational practices worldwide.

Kumaran Arumugam continues challenging the boundaries of what is possible within adaptive physical education; his journey remains a source of hope and inspiration for many. His work’s enduring impact underscores the profound changes he has initiated in creating substantial and meaningful change in the world.

Kumaran Arumugam has also played semi-professional football for the last 13 years, playing in Singapore’s lower leagues, such as the National Football League and Islandwide League, representing various clubs. Currently, he is still playing for Yishun FC in the FAS Islandwide league 2024. He uses the lessons he learns in football to motivate his students to be athletes themselves and to improve para sports in Singapore.


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Kumaran Arumugam is a pioneer in adaptive physical education within the disability community in Singapore. He has developed innovative educational programs that integrate sports into the curriculum for students with multiple disabilities. His efforts include establishing GOALBALL29, a program for training visually impaired athletes, and launching Singapore's first para taekwondo competition, which includes competitors with hearing and visual impairments. By embedding structured physical activities into daily routines, Arumugam enhances engagement, confidence, and community inclusion among his students, significantly improving their quality of life and expanding their opportunities.


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