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Karthikeyan Manikam Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Karthikeyan Manikam, an esteemed figure in the HR Tech industry in the United States, has been honored with a 2024 Global Recognition Award. His substantial contributions have revolutionized HR systems in major corporations, including Amazon, TJX, Lowes, and PepsiCo, enhancing their efficiency and functionality.

A pivotal reason for Karthikeyan receiving the 2024 Global Recognition Award is his substantial academic output. He has published over five scholarly articles, with another five currently undergoing peer review. This dedication to research and knowledge dissemination highlights his commitment to the advancement of the HR Tech field, melding theoretical insights with practical applications.

Karthikeyan’s development of innovative HR technology solutions has been particularly noteworthy. His work in streamlining discovery processes has significantly reduced operational times, showcasing his skill in crafting practical solutions that save time and increase efficiency in the HR Tech industry.

Moreover, his creation of design guidelines for solution architects, which have been shown to cut down project timelines by 60%, further exemplifies his talent for simplifying complex processes and boosting productivity. This achievement is a testament to his unique ability to enhance operational efficiency in the industry.

Karthikeyan’s leadership in global initiatives, including integrating employees into unified HR systems across multiple countries, has positively impacted over 60,000 employees worldwide. His efforts in implementing and refining policies have simplified processes for a vast number of employees in the USA, showcasing his ability to handle large-scale, complex projects.

What distinguishes Karthikeyan in his field, leading to his receipt of a 2024 Global Recognition Award, is his comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in HR Tech. His diverse skill set, combined with innovative approaches, allows him to provide invaluable insights and solutions to any project or team he is part of.

Final Words

In summary, Karthikeyan Manikam’s 2024 Global Recognition Award is a well-deserved tribute to his outstanding contributions to the HR Tech industry. His innovative solutions, significant scholarly work, and impactful project implementations have set new benchmarks in the industry. His blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application serves as an inspiration for professionals in the field.


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An individual with a vast knowledge and hands-on experience in time and attendance management, they have collaborated with prominent companies such as Amazon, TJX, Lowes, and PepsiCo. They are well-versed in systems like WFScore and WFACore Concepts and Configuration and are certified in Workforce Central 7.0 Technical and Functional areas. Their extensive skills provide them with a unique perspective, allowing them to offer valuable insights and practical solutions in any project or team setting.

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