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Joel Azongnissou Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

In an era where the global marketplace is more competitive than ever, Joel Azongnissou‘s journey to the pinnacle of the Foods & Beverage industry stands out as a testament to the power of a diverse educational background and practical experience. After obtaining a Baccalaureate in science, Joel embarked on an intensive two-year preparatory course, delving into Mathematics, Physics, IT, and studying International Relations. This foundational period paved the way for his entry into an Engineering School, where he graduated with a degree in Engineering in Mechatronics from a Generalist Engineering school in La Rochelle, France.

Joel’s academic journey didn’t stop there; he further enriched his knowledge by spending a semester in Quebec, Canada, where he focused on Game Programming and Creation. This experience not only honed his skills in project management but also introduced him to the basics of Data Science. Furthermore, his curriculum covered statistics, logistics, and International Business, providing him with a well-rounded understanding of various critical aspects of modern business operations.

Armed with a robust educational background and a wealth of interdisciplinary skills, Joel launched his Import/Export company immediately after graduation. His venture into the Foods & Beverage industry was not just a leap of faith but a strategic move, leveraging his experience in international business, logistics, and a broad spectrum of other skills acquired during his educational journey.

Joel’s Business, named after its founder, has carved out a unique niche in the industry. With a remarkable annual revenue of 2 million dollars and a staggering 200% revenue growth, Azongnissou’s company has been awarded a 2024 Global Recognition Award for outstanding achievements in the import/export of frozen poultry. Located in the vibrant region of Loire-Atlantique, Joel’s Business stands out not just for its financial success but for its rapid growth and expanding client base, which numbers 30 within a relatively short period.

Understanding the Catalysts of Success

Joel Azongnissou’s approach to business, characterized by innovation and a customer-centric focus, has been instrumental in navigating the complex landscape of the Foods & Beverage industry. His strategic acumen, underscored by a comprehensive educational background in engineering, international business, and logistics, has enabled his company to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing global market.

Another significant factor contributing to Joel’s Business’s success is its commitment to quality and efficiency. By prioritizing these aspects, the company has consistently delivered superior products, earning the trust and respect of its clients and setting a new standard for excellence in the industry.

The Impact of Recognition

Winning a 2024 Global Recognition Award is a testament to Joel Azongnissou’s hard work, dedication, and vision. This significant milestone highlights the remarkable journey of his company from a local player to a global contender. It also serves as an inspiration to other entrepreneurs and businesses striving to make their mark in the competitive global arena.

Final Words

Joel Azongnissou’s journey with Joel’s Business is a powerful narrative of ambition, perseverance, and success, made possible by his diverse educational background and practical experience. By winning a 2024 Global Recognition Award, he has not only set a high standard for himself and his company but also raised the bar for the entire industry. His story is a vivid reminder that in the dynamic world of business, a well-rounded education, vision, innovation, and a customer-focused approach are key ingredients to success and recognition on a global scale.


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La Rochelle, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

What They Do

Joel Azongnissou, an entrepreneur with a diverse educational background in science, engineering, and international business, founded Joel's Business, a company specializing in the import/export of frozen poultry within the Foods & Beverage industry. After graduating with an Engineering degree in Mechatronics from La Rochelle, France, and gaining additional experience in game programming in Quebec, Canada, Joel utilized his skills in logistics, international business, and data science to launch his company. His strategic approach and commitment to quality and efficiency led to remarkable financial success, a rapid growth in clientele, and the prestigious 2024 Global Recognition Award for outstanding achievements in his field.


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