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Ifeyinwa Okafor Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Ifeyinwa Okafor has been recognized with a 2024 Global Recognition Award for her significant contributions to the intersection of digital technology and parental coaching. Okafor’s unique approach is deeply rooted in understanding the contemporary challenges parents face with technology. As a Data Center Infrastructure Manager at the Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission (NUPRC), a Wholeness Coach, and a co-founder of The Digital Parenting School, she exhibits a multifaceted expertise. Her work extends beyond her corporate role, embracing a passion for community and family empowerment through tech-literate, holistic parenting methods.

Okafor’s impactful journey has seen the Wholesome Parenting School coach close to 200 clients, directly influencing over 500 families and successfully guiding at-risk teenagers from severe depression to a thriving state. Such accomplishments reflect her exceptional ability to merge professionalism with genuine care, a duality that garners her the 2024 Global Recognition Award.

Innovative Approach to Digital Parenting

The inception of The Digital Parenting School marks a revolution in integrating digital empowerment with parenting. Okafor has defied the common scepticism surrounding technology’s role in parenting, introducing an inventive platform tailored to bridge this gap. It brings a dual offering: a necessary foundation in digital literacy meshed with robust parenting principles. Parents are guided to embrace the digital era and navigate its waters proficiently alongside their children, instilling wholesomeness and resilient digital ethics in the next generation.

Distinctiveness is a key attribute of Okafor’s success. Her initiatives stem from a parent-to-parent philosophy, leading to a service designed with profound empathetic insight. With this resonant formula, she has developed masterclasses that have broadened her clientele base, fostering expansive communities bonded over shared parenting values. These services have established footholds within the industry, empowering parents to raise children who are not only digitally competent but are also equipped with a resilient value system.

Recognition and Impact

Milestone achievements have not been scarce in Okafor’s career. Appreciation for her work has come in the form of a Productivity Award in 2022 by the African Voice Magazine. This underscores her efficaciousness and the tangible results her efforts have achieved. Such accolades reflect a high bar of success in the productive application of her insight, dedication, and measured strategies, which transform both individual lives and community outlooks on parenting in the digital age.

While statistics can convey a story of success, numbers alone are not the benchmarks of Okafor’s achievements. Her approach models a forward-thinking stance, representing a paradigm shift in addressing the complexities of modern parenting. Her initiatives and counseling at The Wholesome Parenting School resonate with so many parents—demonstrated by the burgeoning communities and growing subscriber lists that eagerly engage with her work, presenting evidence of her wide-reaching influence and the transformative power of her methods.

Final Words

The 2024 Global Recognition Award bestowed upon Ifeyinwa Okafor celebrates an individual who has not only excelled in their field but has also contributed to society in profound and meaningful ways. Okafor’s dedication to digital parenting education is an exemplary beacon for modern categorizations of mentorship and leadership. While the digital age burgeons with challenges, Okafor’s wisdom provides a compass for parents navigating this vast and often intimidating landscape.

Her recognition is a testament to the caliber of her expertise and the effectiveness of her advocacy for digital awareness as an integral component of parenting. It celebrates the expansion of her laudable endeavors and highlights her indelible mark on families and the broader community. This award validates Ifeyinwa Okafor’s role as a trailblazer in the evolving domain of digital parenting and salutes her extraordinary vision that has enhanced the lives of the many who seek guidance in raising the next generation of digital citizens.


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Ifeyinwa Okafor is a multifaceted professional recognized for her innovative contributions to digital parenting and technology. As a Data Center Infrastructure Manager at the Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission and a Wholeness Coach, she co-founded The Digital Parenting School, where she merges her IT expertise with holistic parenting strategies. Okafor's work focuses on empowering parents with digital literacy to navigate the challenges of raising children in the digital era. Her approach has positively impacted hundreds of families, guiding them towards tech-literate, resilient parenting methods. Her efforts have earned her the 2024 Global Recognition Award, highlighting her significant influence in both digital technology and parental coaching sectors.

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