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Frontier Pitts Middle East Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Frontier Pitts Middle East has been recognized with a 2024 Global Recognition Award for its significant advancements in the security and investigations industry, underscored by impressive innovation and customer-focused services. As a British manufacturer renowned for its comprehensive range of security solutions, Frontier Pitts Middle East excels in creating tailored products that meet each client’s unique requirements. These products range from security gates to advanced hostile vehicle mitigation systems.

The company’s initiative to launch a new customer-oriented website further cements its role as an industry leader. This digital platform enhances the visibility of Frontier Pitts Middle East’s extensive product offerings and bolsters consumer trust and engagement by providing easy access to detailed information and support. The improved user interface and comprehensive product information significantly enhance the user experience and expand the company’s market reach.

Strong Focus on Innovation and Quality

Frontier Pitts Middle East thrives on continuous innovation, driving the development of high-standard security systems that effectively meet evolving market demands. The company’s dedicated in-house engineering team is crucial, enhancing and refining product lines to meet and surpass industry standards and client expectations. This approach has enabled Frontier Pitts Middle East to maintain its status as a top-tier provider in global perimeter security, recognized for its pioneering products.

The company’s strategic investment in IT infrastructure and specialized software exemplifies its focus on delivering unmatched service quality. This investment ensures that Frontier Pitts Middle East can effectively support complex, high-security projects by offering bespoke solutions rigorously tested for safety and quality. These initiatives demonstrate the company’s commitment to maintaining the highest service delivery standards in the security industry.

Recognition and Customer Satisfaction

Over the years, Frontier Pitts Middle East has garnered substantial recognition within the security industry, a testament to its exceptional service and innovative product offerings. Awards and accolades such as the Sussex Business Awards and nominations at the UK OSPA underscore the company’s standing in the international business community. These honors highlight Frontier Pitts Middle East’s ability to stand out in a competitive market by continuously delivering excellence and innovation in all operations.

The company’s focus on enhancing customer satisfaction through a comprehensive support program and multilingual staff further enhances its reputation. Frontier Pitts Middle East meets and often exceeds customer expectations by ensuring responsive and effective customer service and offering tailored solutions. This client-centric approach is vital to the company’s ability to maintain a solid customer base and achieve significant revenue growth.

Final Words

In recognizing Frontier Pitts Middle East with a 2024 Global Recognition Award, we acknowledge its unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction in the security industry. The company’s strategic initiatives, including its digital transformation and dedication to product and service quality, have set it apart from competitors and paved the way for continued success and leadership in security solutions.

This prestigious award recognizes Frontier Pitts Middle East’s impactful contributions to security and its proactive approach to market challenges, confirming its role as an innovator and a leader in global security. Frontier Pitts Middle East deserves this recognition, embodying the spirit of excellence that the 2024 Global Recognition Award seeks to honor.


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Security and Investigations


United Arab Emirates

What They Do

Frontier Pitts Middle East is a British Manufacturer renowned for its innovative and customer focused security solution. Specializing in broad range of products, from Security to LPS1175 and HVM products such as Gates, Road Blockers, Bollards, Barriers, and Pedestrian Turnstiles. Manufacturing all the products to suit the clients needs, focusing on customer requirement, quality and cost-effective solution. Frontier Pitts Middle East is reputation as a lead provider of HVM security equipment in the global perimeter security market.


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