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Dr. Rashad Richey Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Dr. Rashad Richey, a leading researcher, physics professor and department chair of science, has been recognized with a 2024 Global Recognition Award for his extraordinary contributions to applied physics and quantum mechanics. His groundbreaking work in human cognition and publishing the first medically certified, peer-reviewed case study of an Alzheimer’s patient who experienced a complete cognitive ‘turn around’, sparking additional research in the field. This was accomplished without invasive techniques or pharmaceutical drugs, and remains proof of his innovative approach and dedication to advancing human health through non-invasive therapies. NOTE: Presently, there is no medically-accepted cure for Alzheimer’s.

Leading Alzheimer’s Research

Dr. Richey’s work has contributed to redefining the possibilities of treating neurological disorders. By harnessing quantum physics, specifically light photons and sound frequencies, he has achieved a medical breakthrough that aligns with the latest research from MIT. This non-invasive therapeutic device, known as the Neurological Brain Entrainment Device (NBED), is set for clinical trials this year, demonstrating significant potential in reversing adverse neurological conditions. The United States Patent & Trademark Office granted Dr. Richey provisional patent status for the device.

His published, peer-reviewed case study results, featured in the International Journal of Science & Research, have garnered significant attention within the scientific community. This pioneering research not only showcases Dr. Richey’s innovative approach to physics but also provides a promising outlook for future treatments of Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders.

Innovative Contributions and Recognitions

Dr. Richey’s achievements extend beyond his research. He serves as the Professor of Physics and Department Chair of Science at Paris Graduate School, on faculty at Morris Brown College and has provided lectures for the University of Michigan, Morehouse School of Medicine, and Clark Atlanta University to name a few. Actively engaging in teaching and mentoring the next generation of leaders, prestigious institutions and media outlets have recognized his progress and effectiveness, solidifying his status as a leader in the field.

Notable recognitions include being featured in Tech Times, the International Business Times, Rolling Out, Heart & Soul Magazine, and Meditech Today, among others. He was inducted into the National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame, received the Distinguished Alumni Award from Clark Atlanta University, and officially recognized with a proclamation from The United States Congress in 2019. His role as a keynote presenter at the National Society of Black Physicists Conference – 2023 and his groundbreaking research in quantum physics and neurological processes, positions him as a thought leader and innovator in applied physics, neurophysics, and quantum mechanics.

Final Words

Dr. Rashad Richey’s contributions to science and the world’s understanding of human cognition exemplify the qualities celebrated by a 2024 Global Recognition Award. His relentless pursuit of knowledge, innovative approaches, and dedication to improving human health are commendable. Dr. Richey’s work advances our understanding of quantum mechanics and neurophysics, providing hope for countless individuals affected by neurological disorders.

A 2024 Global Recognition Award acknowledges Dr. Richey’s significant achievements and his potential to drive further advancements in his field. His pioneering research and commitment to excellence make him a deserving recipient of this prestigious award.


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Dr. Rashad Richey, a leading physics professor, researcher, and department chair, has been recognized for his extraordinary contributions to applied physics and quantum mechanics. His innovative medically-certified and published case study, potentially challenges the incurability status of Alzheimer's. The Neurological Brain Entrainment Device (NBED), is a breakthrough science that demonstrates significant potential in reversing multiple adverse neurological conditions. His peer-reviewed case study in the International Journal of Science & Research has garnered considerable attention in the physics community and neurological healthcare. Dr. Richey, a professor at Paris Graduate School and Morris Brown College, actively mentors future scientists and social scientists, earning recognition from various prestigious institutions and media outlets. His work advances our understanding of quantum mechanics and neurophysics, offering hope for neurological disorder treatments.


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