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David Langdown Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

David Langdown has been recognized with a 2024 Global Recognition Award for his exceptional contributions to the field of security and protective services. As the U.S. Director of Operations for Broadstone Risks, Langdown has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to lead and innovate within a highly specialized industry. His significant transition from a prestigious career in London’s Metropolitan Police to a leadership role in an international corporate context exemplifies a remarkable journey of professional evolution and impact.

Langdown’s work is distinguished by his direct influence on operational success and strategic expansion of Broadstone Risks in the United States, particularly in Los Angeles. This expansion marks a pivotal chapter in its history and a substantial global contribution to the security sector.

Distinctive Leadership and Innovation

Langdown’s approach is uniquely holistic, blending strategic vision with meticulous operational execution. His leadership extends beyond typical boundaries through his experience of a hands-on role in selecting and training close protection officers from the Metropolitan Police, ensuring that Broadstone Risks meets and surpasses their distinguished clientele’s intricate security needs. His methodologies in planning and executing security for high profile and global events sets new benchmarks for the private security industry.

Moreover, his ability to leverage over three decades of elite service, including his time with the Royalty and Specialist Protection Unit (RaSP), provides Broadstone Risks with an unmatched pedigree in security services. Langdown’s dedication to excellence is evident in his deep understanding of high-level protection, which has been crucial in safeguarding senior members of the British Royal Family and international VIPs. His experience ensures top-tier security solutions that are effective and tailored to the complex requirements of global clients.

Legacy of Excellence and Recognition

Langdown’s career has been consistently marked by high-calibre recognitions, including the prestigious MVO (Member of the Victorian Order), awarded by Her Majesty The Queen in 2022. This accolade underscores his dedication and highlights his significant contributions to security at the highest levels. Such honours reflect his commitment to maintaining and elevating standards within the security profession, influencing practices and principles that keep Broadstone Risks at the forefront of the industry.

The impact of Langdown’s expertise and leadership is also reflected in the recent accolades received by Broadstone Risks, including being named the International Security Company of the Year 2024. These recognitions testify to his operational success, and reputation in the global market. With his support, Broadstone Risks embodies a legacy of dedication and high standards, setting a paradigm for excellence in the security industry.

Final Words

David Langdown’s influential leadership and strategic foresight have transformed aspects of Broadstone Risks and set new standards within the international security sector. His comprehensive approach and commitment to excellence ensure that the company’s operations are second to none, catering to the needs of a sophisticated and demanding clientele. For these reasons, Langdown is a deserving recipient of a 2024 Global Recognition Award.

This award celebrates his profound impact on the field, exceptional professional journey, and continuous contribution to setting the bar higher in the security and protection landscape. Langdown’s story is of leadership, service, and excellence, echoing through every facet of his professional endeavours and beyond. 


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What They Do

Broadstone Risks is a prominent company in the security and protective services sector, specializing in offering advanced security solutions. The company has a significant presence in the United States, especially in Los Angeles, where it has expanded its operational capabilities and service offerings under the leadership of David Langdown. Broadstone Risks is known for its holistic approach to security, combining strategic planning with precise operational execution. The company excels in selecting and training close protection officers, planning security for high-stakes global events, and providing elite services inherited from decades of experience, including protecting senior members of the British Royal Family and international VIPs.


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