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Craig Bouchard Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Author Craig Bouchard has been selected for the 2024 Global Recognition Award for his exceptional contribution to the world of espionage fiction and technothrillers through his best-selling novel, “Soul Ties of Spies.” Bouchard’s unique blend of quantum physics, international espionage, and a compelling love story has marked a significant milestone in contemporary literature, resonating with a diverse audience worldwide. His work stands as a testament to the transformative power of storytelling in the modern era.

Industry Impact and Innovation

Craig Bouchard’s novel, “Soul Ties of Spies,” has been acclaimed for its revolutionary impact on the spy thriller genre. Notably, the book empowers women, with protagonist Natalia Net emerging as a formidable figure in the intelligence community. This novel stands out for its collaborative portrayal of global intelligence agencies, including the CIA, FSB, Scotland Yard, and Romanian SRI, working in unison to avert global crises. Such a portrayal subtly shifts the narrative from divisive politics to cooperative international relations, showcasing Bouchard’s innovative approach to storytelling.

Commercial Success

Since its release, “Soul Ties of Spies” has achieved remarkable commercial success, becoming a #1 Amazon Best Seller in both the Espionage and Technothrillers categories. This accolade is a clear indicator of the novel’s widespread appeal, having captivated readers globally. The success of this book not only signifies Bouchard’s talent as a writer but also highlights his ability to tap into the zeitgeist of contemporary readership demographics.

Recognition and Achievements

The literary world has recognized Craig Bouchard’s talent and contribution to the genre, as evidenced by his presence on prestigious lists such as The New York Times Best Seller List in Business, #1 on the Barnes & Noble Best Seller List, all genres, and two Amazon Best Seller Lists. Such recognition is a testament to his exceptional storytelling skills and his ability to engage and intrigue a broad readership.

Cross-Generational and Cross-Genre Appeal

Bouchard’s “Soul Ties of Spies” transcends traditional boundaries, appealing to readers from Generation Z to Baby Boomers. This broad appeal is a remarkable feat, demonstrating Bouchard’s ability to connect with young and mature audiences. His success in various genres, including business, children’s literature, and espionage fiction, illustrates his versatility and creative prowess as an author.

Distinctive Authorial Voice

What sets Craig Bouchard apart in the literary world is his unique way of thinking and communicating. His ability to capture the interest and imagination of both younger and older generations of men and women with equal intensity is a rare talent. This distinctive voice has not only earned him critical acclaim but also a devoted global readership, solidifying his status as a transformative figure in contemporary literature.

Final Words

The awarding of the 2024 Global Recognition Award to Craig Bouchard is a celebration of his exceptional achievements in the literary world. His innovative approach to the spy thriller genre, combined with his commercial success and ability to resonate with a wide spectrum of readers, underscores the significance of his work in contemporary culture. Bouchard’s journey in the literary world reflects a deep understanding of the craft, an ability to innovate, and a commitment to storytelling that enlightens, entertains, and inspires.


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Craig Bouchard is an acclaimed author known for his novel "Soul Ties of Spies," which stands out in the espionage fiction and technothriller genres. The novel masterfully combines quantum physics, international espionage, and a compelling love story, appealing to a diverse audience worldwide. Bouchard's innovative storytelling, particularly his empowerment of women through the formidable character Natalia Net and the collaborative portrayal of global intelligence agencies, has revolutionized the spy thriller genre. "Soul Ties of Spies" has achieved significant commercial success, becoming a #1 Amazon Best Seller in both the Espionage and Technothrillers categories, captivating approximately 400,000 readers globally. Bouchard's work is celebrated for its cross-generational appeal, versatility across various genres, and a distinctive authorial voice that has garnered a devoted global readership and placed him on prestigious bestseller lists.


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