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Broadstone Risks Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Broadstone Risks has been recognized with 2024 Global Recognition Award for its innovative contributions and exceptional leadership in the security industry under the guidance of CEO Peter Miles. 

At the core of its achievements is the development of a Social Media Threat Intelligence Service, an AI-driven platform that analyzes social media to identify potential security threats. This pioneering service, which serves clients with a cumulative following of over 750 million, represents a significant advancement in digital security, offering actionable intelligence to address risks preemptively. This service’s introduction has set a new standard for digital security practices and showcased Broadstone Risks’ commitment to innovation and excellence in protecting global digital landscapes.

Another landmark achievement that underscores Broadstone Risks’ industry leadership is the historic security provision of protective services to a high profile institution. This milestone, a first for any UK security firm, demonstrates unparalleled trust and expertise, establishing Broadstone Risks as a paragon of private security excellence on an international stage. 

The company’s strategic global expansion, notably into Los Angeles, and its commitment to sustainability through embracing a remote work model and digital-first operations further illustrate its forward-thinking approach and dedication to environmental stewardship, aligning with broader ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals.

Innovation and Industry Impact

Under the leadership of Peter Miles, Broadstone Risks has not only adapted to the changing security landscape but has actively shaped its future. The introduction of the Social Media Threat Intelligence Service marks a significant shift towards preemptive threat detection and management. By leveraging advanced AI to scrutinize online interactions and social media trends, Broadstone Risks has established a new benchmark for digital security practices, significantly impacting how security services are delivered and what clients can expect regarding protection against digital threats.

The company’s pioneering efforts in offering comprehensive security solutions to high-profile individuals, have redefined the standards of security and confidentiality at the highest levels. Their endeavors, requiring unprecedented precision and discretion, exemplifies Broadstone Risks’ capability to operate at the pinnacle of security services. Adopting a digital-first and remote work model further emphasizes the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, positioning Broadstone Risks as a leader in adopting ESG principles within the security sector.

Global Recognition and Client Impact

Broadstone Risks’ extensive list of recognitions, including Best Independent Security & Intelligence Company UK, Best Regional Security Company, Visionary of the Year 2024 and Business Leader of the Year awards, affirms its leadership and innovative approach in the security industry. These accolades and the company’s strategic global expansion have enabled it to serve a diverse clientele, including major names in entertainment like Netflix, Amazon Movies, and Warner Movies. This expansion enhances Broadstone Risks’ ability to address international security challenges effectively and demonstrates its global impact and the trust it has garnered across the industry.

The strategies and achievements under Peter Miles’ leadership reflect a forward-thinking approach to security, emphasizing the importance of digital intelligence and global reach in today’s interconnected world. Broadstone Risks has catalyzed a paradigm shift in global security by integrating advanced artificial intelligence and social media analytics into traditional security practices. Its recognition with 2024 Global Recognition Award is a testament to the significant strides the company has made under Miles’ direction, not just in business success but in elevating security standards worldwide, making its nomination both unique and deserving.

Final Words

The accomplishments of Broadstone Risks and its CEO, Peter Miles, highlight a relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in the security industry. Their work has changed how security services are delivered and raised the bar for what clients can expect from a security provider. The awarding of 2024 Global Recognition Award to Broadstone Risks recognizes its pioneering spirit, commitment to sustainability, and impact on the global security landscape, setting a new precedent for excellence in the security sector.

This award reflects the culmination of years of dedicated effort, strategic foresight, and unwavering commitment to safeguarding individuals and organizations worldwide against complex threats. Broadstone Risks’ approach to integrating technology with bespoke security solutions under Peter Miles’ leadership is not just innovative; it’s transformative, ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of the security industry and continues positively influencing its future direction.


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What They Do

Broadstone Risks specializes in advanced security solutions, offering a unique Social Media Threat Intelligence Service that leverages AI to analyze social media for potential threats, serving clients worldwide. This innovative approach sets new standards in digital security, emphasizing preemptive risk management, which is integrated back into supporting their global physical security. With strategic global expansion, Broadstone Risks’ services range from protecting the world’s highest-profile individuals to enhancing digital security practices, making them a pioneering force in the security industry.


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