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Amrita Choudhary Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

In recognizing Amrita Choudhary with 2024 Global Recognition Award, we highlight not only her individual achievements but also the significant strides made by Wasabi Technologies in the field of finance and technology. Ms. Choudhary’s journey, marked by dedication and innovation, exemplifies the ethos of excellence that this award celebrates.

As a Senior Accountant and Director of Membership & Networking at the ICAI Seattle Chapter, Amrita Choudhary has played a pivotal role in shaping the financial industry’s future. Her unwavering dedication to enlightening others about the challenges faced by finance professionals is commendable. Her efforts in simplifying the complexities of finance leasing, particularly in a fast-scaling startup environment, stand out as a testament to her proficiency and forward-thinking approach.

Exceptional Leadership

Ms. Choudhary’s leadership has been instrumental in Wasabi Technologies’ ascent to a unicorn status from the perspective of managing Lease Accounting. This is not just a financial milestone; it reflects a broader impact on the industry, showcasing how visionary leadership can guide a company through the rigors of competitive markets.

Industry Recognition

Recognition from esteemed organizations like Deloitte, which ranked Wasabi Technologies #42 in its list of the 500 Fastest Growing Technology Companies in North America, further underscores the company’s rapid growth under Ms. Choudhary’s stewardship. Such accolades are not merely symbolic; they are a reflection of tangible, measurable success in a highly competitive sector.

Innovative Impact

The innovation spearheaded by Ms. Choudhary at Wasabi Technologies, particularly in the process of development, inception, and execution in the Lease Accounting ASC 842, is noteworthy. Ms. Choudhary has innovatively revamped the process of tracking both new and existing leases. Her improvements in promptly updating lease schedules have revolutionized how we record lease accounting entries, now completed within an impressive 5 business days of the month-end close. This efficiency has dramatically reduced her month-end close timeline, shifting from a 15-business day process to a swift 5-business day completion. This streamlining has not only increased operational efficiency but also significantly enhanced her ability to meet compliance requirements, particularly pertaining to ASC 842. It is this blend of commercial acumen and innovative spirit that sets Wasabi Technologies apart in the finance sector.

Corporate Culture and Community

Ms. Choudhary’s influence extends beyond financial and technological achievements. Under her leadership, Wasabi Technologies has been recognized as a ‘Best Place to Work’ by the Boston Business Journal. This accolade is particularly significant as it reflects the nurturing of a positive, productive workplace culture, which is essential in today’s business environment.

Personal Achievements and Brand Ambassadorship

Apart from her corporate accomplishments, Ms. Choudhary’s role as a Brand Ambassador for Bentley University and her feature in their magazine showcase her personal commitment to education and mentorship in the field of finance. Her journey, which she openly shares, serves as an inspiration to many aspiring professionals, furthering her impact on the industry.

Final Words

In conclusion, Amrita Choudhary’s receipt of 2024 Global Recognition Award is a celebration of her exemplary contributions to the finance and technology sectors. Her leadership at Wasabi Technologies has not only driven the company to new heights of financial success and innovation but also fostered a culture of excellence and community. Ms. Choudhary’s personal achievements, coupled with her commitment to mentorship and education, further solidify her as a deserving recipient of this prestigious accolade. Her story is a beacon of inspiration and a benchmark for aspiring professionals worldwide. Through her accomplishments, Amrita Choudhary exemplifies the qualities of innovation, leadership, and societal impact that 2024 Global Recognition Award seeks to honor.


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Amrita Choudhary plays a significant role at Wasabi Technologies, making notable contributions to the finance and technology sectors. As a Senior Accountant and Director of Membership & Networking at the ICAI Seattle Chapter, she has been key in advancing finance leasing in fast-scaling startup environments. Her leadership helped propel Wasabi Technologies to unicorn status, with her innovative work in Lease Accounting ASC 842 markedly improving operational efficiency and compliance. Beyond professional accomplishments, Choudhary's dedication to education and mentorship, highlighted by her role as a Brand Ambassador for Bentley University, illustrates her impact on the industry and her commitment to fostering a positive corporate culture.


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