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Yogii - Yogurt and ICE CREAM PH Receives 2023 Global Recognition Award

In the vibrant landscape of the Philippine food and beverage industry, Yogii – Yogurt & Ice Cream stands out as a paradigm of innovation and rapid growth, earning a 2023 Global Recognition Award. Within the span of a single year, Yogii has achieved remarkable expansion, opening multiple branches and cultivating a significant digital footprint with nearly 20,000 followers. This growth trajectory is indicative of the company’s strategic foresight and adaptability in a highly competitive market.

Yogii’s core innovation is its approach to delivering premium taste at prices accessible to a wide range of customers. By offering high-quality products at affordable rates, Yogii has effectively democratized the luxury of premium frozen desserts. Their menu, characterized by soft-served ice cream, fruit-flavored drinks, and floats, distinguishes itself through a unique blend of yogurt-infused flavors. This culinary innovation caters to the Filipino palate, combining traditional tastes with a modern twist. The company’s flagship product, the Yogurt ice cream with biscoff, exemplifies their commitment to flavor excellence and quality.

Business Philosophy

At the heart of Yogii’s success is its forward-thinking business philosophy. The company views its franchisees not merely as business entities but as integral partners. This partnership approach fosters an environment of collaboration and mutual growth. By valuing and implementing the feedback from franchisees, Yogii has cultivated a business culture that is inclusive, dynamic, and conducive to shared success. This philosophy has been pivotal in Yogii’s recognition as one of the fastest-growing brands in the industry, a feat that reflects the strength of their business model and the commitment to their stakeholders.

Final Words

The awarding of a 2023 Global Recognition Award to Yogii is a testament to their exceptional blend of innovative product offerings and an inclusive business model. The company’s rapid rise, underpinned by its commitment to quality and a partnership-based approach, sets a new benchmark in the food and beverage industry. Yogii’s journey exemplifies the power of understanding market needs, fostering strong relationships with business partners, and maintaining a relentless focus on quality and innovation. The award recognizes Yogii’s significant contributions to the industry and its role as a beacon of entrepreneurial excellence in the Philippines


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Las Piñas, Philippines

What They Do

Yogii - Yogurt and Ice Cream offers delectable yogurt ice cream and yogurt fruit drinks that revolutionizes the dessert industry.


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