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Sada Nand Choudhary Receives 2023 Global Recognition Award

Sada Nand Choudhary’s remarkable achievement in the software and telecommunications sector has rightfully earned him a 2023 Global Recognition Award. His groundbreaking application, Trackie, stands at the forefront of revolutionizing school transportation. This innovative tool not only streamlines school bus management but also significantly reduces morning stress for students and parents globally.

Trackie: A Beacon of Technological Ingenuity

Choudhary’s Trackie is a paradigm of modern technology’s impact on daily life. Its primary function, live bus tracking, is ingeniously simple yet profoundly effective. The app’s integration into the routines of numerous schools across the United States, Japan, Italy, and India is a testament to its universal applicability and ease of use. What distinguishes Trackie is its capacity to facilitate seamless communication between bus drivers, students, and parents through an integrated group messaging system. This feature not only enhances the efficiency of school transportation but also fosters a sense of community among its users.

User-Centric Design and Accessibility

Choudhary’s vision goes beyond mere functionality; he emphasizes user experience and accessibility. By offering Trackie for free, he has removed financial barriers, making advanced school bus tracking technology available to all. This approach reflects a profound understanding of the needs and challenges faced by school communities. The app’s design prioritizes convenience, ensuring that users receive timely notifications and updates regarding bus schedules, thereby simplifying their morning routines.

Impact and Recognition

The effectiveness of Trackie is evident in its widespread adoption and high user satisfaction. With thousands of downloads and an impressive online rating of 4.4, the app’s positive impact on school transportation is undeniable. Local communities and schools have expressed their gratitude for Trackie’s role in improving safety and reducing the uncertainty of daily commutes. This community endorsement, coupled with the app’s technological sophistication, makes Choudhary a deserving recipient of a 2023 Global Recognition Award.

Final Words

Choudhary’s success with Trackie is not just a story of technological innovation; it’s a narrative of empathy and understanding towards the needs of students and parents. His commitment to improving the daily lives of countless individuals through a free, user-friendly app demonstrates a blend of technological acumen and social consciousness. In acknowledging his work with a 2023 Global Recognition Award, we celebrate not just a technological achievement but a significant contribution to the community and society at large.


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He has created an application called Trackie is utilized by numerous users for tracking bus arrival times and setting alarms. Many schools globally, including those in USA, Japan, Italy, and India , use it to offer live tracking of bus locations. This has considerably reduced stress in the morning lives of thousands of children and parents.

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