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KH Marque Pte Ltd Receives 2023 Global Recognition Award

In the dynamic landscape of the Oil and Gas industry, where the urgency for sustainable solutions is ever-growing, KH Marque Pte. Ltd. emerges as a paragon of innovation and environmental stewardship. This acclaim is duly recognized with a 2023 Global Recognition Award, signifying their pioneering efforts in renewable energy, particularly in transforming Used Cooking Oil (UCO) into a viable energy source. This award not only celebrates their ecological achievements but also their remarkable business growth.

Environmental Excellence and Revenue Growth

At the forefront of KH Marque’s achievements is their milestone in achieving zero Greenhouse Gas emissions from their UCO operations. This remarkable accomplishment underpins their commitment to environmental excellence. Coupled with this, the company’s astounding revenue growth of 843.36% in the fiscal year 2023 illustrates their successful fusion of ecological consciousness with robust financial performance. Such a blend of sustainability and profitability sets them apart in the industry.

Innovation and Efficiency

Central to KH Marque’s ethos is a relentless pursuit of innovation, evident in their deployment of a specialized app for UCO collection. This technological advancement has redefined efficiency in their sector, reflecting a balance of streamlined operations and environmental responsibility. Their meticulous approach to Greenhouse Gas emissions, involving precise calculations and thorough recording, further emphasizes their commitment to sustainable practices.

Strategic Partnerships and Market Influence

KH Marque’s impact extends into the broader industry landscape through their strategic partnerships and market influence. In just three years, they have established significant partnerships with major industry players in the industry. These collaborations, especially the blanket contracts, underscore KH Marque’s growing influence and reliability in the sector. Such swift and substantial expansion within a short timeframe is indicative of their strategic foresight and operational excellence.

Leadership and Recognition

The visionary leadership of Ms. Zeng Shu Fei, the company’s director and founder, plays a crucial role in steering KH Marque towards its current stature. Her recognition, including being shortlisted for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 Singapore Awards, is reflective of her influential leadership and the company’s overall success. This individual accolade adds to the company’s credibility and prestige in the industry.

Competitive Edge

KH Marque distinguishes itself in a competitive industry, facing the giants in the said field. Their unique proposition lies in transforming UCO into sustainable energy, a testament to their innovative approach and operational prowess. This distinct strategy, along with their expansive growth and visionary leadership, positions KH Marque as a deserving recipient of a 2023 Global Recognition Award.

Final Words

In conclusion, KH Marque Pte. Ltd. stands as a shining example of how businesses can effectively combine sustainability with profitability. Their ground-breaking work in reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions, innovative operational strategies, and significant market impact are commendable. The leadership under Ms. Zeng Shu Fei further elevates the company’s standing in the renewable energy sector. It is these multifaceted accomplishments that rightfully earn KH Marque Pte. Ltd. a 2023 Global Recognition Award, a symbol of excellence and innovation in an increasingly environmentally-conscious business world.


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KH Marque’s focus on renewable used cooking oil shares the vision to have sustainable development in the energy business. Towards the main goal of racing towards Net Zero, the company’s offerings of bio & focus on arbitraging cargoes, collection of renewable wastes & residues, logistics, blending, distribution, physical trading, and hedging. Complemented by shipping, trucking, tank storage and blending of various types of used cooking oil.


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