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Q-Sourcing Servtec Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Q-Sourcing Servtec has been recognized with a 2024 Global Recognition Award for outstanding contributions to human resource management and dynamic outsourcing across East Africa. This award acknowledges its recruitment, workforce, and project management excellence, certified by ISO 9001:2015 standards. Its ability to penetrate new markets and sectors and its commitment to local content and skill development have distinguished it in the industry.

Remarkable Growth and Resilience

Q-Sourcing Servtec has demonstrated remarkable growth and resilience. The company’s expansion from Uganda to Rwanda, South Sudan, Kenya, and Tanzania showcases its strategic vision and adaptability. It has entered new markets and become the preferred brand in these regions. Its partnerships with companies like Servtec and World Wide Recruitment Services have bridged skill gaps and ensured continuous skill transfer and development.

Commitment to Excellence

The company’s dedication to excellence is evident in its continuous productivity and data analysis monitoring. Its innovative approach to being paid based on output rather than the number of staff has helped clients save costs and maintain profitability, even during challenging periods such as the COVID-19 pandemic. This approach has also fostered a culture of multi-skilling and continuous innovation among its staff, ensuring it remains relevant and competitive in the market.

Its focus on safety and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices sets it apart. By prioritizing transparency and risk management, Q-Sourcing Servtec has built a reputation for operating sustainably. Industry stakeholders have recognized its efforts, as evidenced by its award for best road transport practices from the Professional Drivers Network and the Ministry of Works and Transport.

Q-Sourcing Servtec’s dedication to skill development and training is evident in its collaborations with partners like Highfield, City and Guilds, and ECITB. Its establishment of the Assessment and Skilling Center (TASC) and the recent acquisition of Flip Africa, a company focused on the gig economy, demonstrate its commitment to providing opportunities and facilitating professional transitions across East Africa. These initiatives have positively impacted local communities, supporting economic growth and development.

Strategic Vision and Partnerships

Q-Sourcing Servtec’s strategic vision is exemplified by its partnerships with global companies. Its collaboration with Servtec and World Wide Recruitment Services has enhanced its service scope, enabling it to offer comprehensive solutions in Uganda’s oil and gas sector. These partnerships have allowed it to leverage global standards while maintaining local excellence, ensuring it meets the highest industry benchmarks.

Its emphasis on local content and skill transfer has been a critical factor in its success. By partnering with international organizations and training providers, Q-Sourcing Servtec has ensured that local workers have the necessary skills to thrive in their respective industries. This focus on capacity building has benefited its clients and contributed to the overall development of its regions.

Q-Sourcing Servtec’s ability to adapt to changing market dynamics and its focus on innovation has been crucial to its growth. Its commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and continuously improving its services has allowed it to maintain a competitive edge. Investing in its staff and fostering a culture of continuous learning has ensured that its team is well-equipped to meet the evolving needs of its clients.

Final Words

Q-Sourcing Servtec’s exceptional performance and strategic approach to human resource management have earned it a 2024 Global Recognition Award. Its dedication to excellence, innovation, and sustainability, along with its focus on skill development and local content, make it a standout in the industry. This award reflects its hard work, vision, and commitment to making a positive impact in the regions it serves.

Q-Sourcing Servtec’s journey from a single market in Uganda to a leading human capital firm across East Africa is remarkable. Its ability to navigate complex markets, build strategic partnerships, and maintain high service standards has set a benchmark for others to follow. This recognition is a well-deserved acknowledgment of its contributions to the industry and unwavering dedication to its clients and communities.


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Human Resources Management and Outsourcing Industry


Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan

What They Do

Q-Sourcing Servtec is a prominent human resource management and outsourcing company operating across East Africa. It provides recruitment, workforce, and project management services, certified by ISO 9001:2015 standards. The company has expanded its operations from Uganda to Rwanda, South Sudan, Kenya, and Tanzania, establishing itself as a preferred brand. It focuses on local content and skill development, partnering with organizations like Servtec and World Wide Recruitment Services. Q-Sourcing Servtec emphasizes productivity-based compensation, safety, ESG practices, and continuous skill transfer, ensuring sustainable operations and contributing to economic growth and professional development in the region.


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