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Vikings Entertainment Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Vikings Entertainment, managed by its Founder, Mr. Henry Maw, has been recognized with a 2024 Global Recognition Award for its remarkable music and entertainment industry achievements. The company’s dedication to promoting local talent and organizing significant events has set it apart in Myanmar’s dynamic entertainment landscape.

Significant Milestones and Achievements

Vikings Entertainment has reached several significant milestones from the beginning. As the only DJ agency in Myanmar with an international roster, the company has successfully included artists from Asia, Europe, and South America. This unique approach has allowed Vikings Entertainment to bring diverse and high-quality performances to its audience, fostering a rich and varied entertainment scene in Myanmar.

Another notable achievement includes co-organizing and co-hosting with another partner organization, Myanmar’s largest outdoor music festival, in October 2023. This event featured globally renowned DJs and marked a significant milestone in Myanmar’s music industry. Vikings Entertainment’s ability to host such a large-scale event highlights its expertise and commitment to elevating the local entertainment industry.

Promoting Local Talent Internationally

Vikings Entertainment stands out for its efforts to promote local Myanmar DJs internationally. The company has facilitated performances by Myanmar DJs in Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Plans are underway to expand this reach to South America in the second half of 2024. This commitment to promoting local talent abroad is unparalleled in Myanmar, making Vikings Entertainment a leader in the field.

Vikings Entertainment has organized and hosted events outside of Myanmar, showcasing local Myanmar DJs. The company’s initiative to present local artists on international platforms has been widely recognized and praised. This achievement underscores Vikings Entertainment’s role in providing opportunities for local talent to gain global exposure.

Industry Recognition and Growth

Vikings Entertainment has garnered recognition for its contributions to the music and entertainment industry. The company has been featured in an online article and a radio station in Chile for promoting a Chilean DJ’s Asia tour. Additionally, leading industry articles in Myanmar have recognized Vikings Entertainment for organizing a significant music event outside Myanmar, featuring mainly local DJs.

Despite the challenging macroeconomic conditions in Myanmar, Vikings Entertainment has managed to maintain profitability within the first year of its operations. This reflects the company’s effective business strategies and dedication to delivering exceptional entertainment experiences.

Final Words

Vikings Entertainment’s success proves its innovative approach and dedication to advancing Myanmar’s entertainment industry. The company has set a new standard for excellence by promoting local talent internationally and organizing major events.

Receiving a 2024 Global Recognition Award highlights Vikings Entertainment’s significant impact and contributions to the music and entertainment industry. The company’s achievements serve as an inspiration for other organizations in Myanmar and beyond.


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Vikings Entertainment, managed by its Founder, Mr. Henry Maw, specializes in promoting local Myanmar DJs and organizing significant music events. As the only DJ agency in Myanmar with an international roster, it features artists from Asia, Europe, and South America, providing diverse, high-quality performances. Notable achievements include co-organizing Myanmar's largest outdoor music festival and facilitating performances by local DJs in Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia, with plans to expand to South America. By showcasing Myanmar's local talent on international platforms, Vikings Entertainment significantly contributes to the growth and diversity of Myanmar's entertainment scene.


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