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Terence Mauri Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Renowned Disruption Thinker Terence Mauri has been recognized with a 2024 Global Recognition Award for his exceptional contributions to the Future of Leadership. Mauri stands out for his deep insights and speaking engagements worldwide, equipping leaders with the mindsets and strategies to turn disruption into a tailwind for laser-like focus and strategic courage. 

Described by Thinkers50, the global ranking authority of top management thinkers, as “an influential and outspoken thinker on the future of leadership,” Mauri is the go-to thinker on what’s emerging, enduring, and eroding in a world of flux. His upcoming book, “The Upside of Disruption,” has been described as “Breakthrough thinking to unlock huge potential” by the founder of Shazam.

Impact and Recognition 

Terence Mauri’s impact extends beyond his speaking, research, and articles in Inc., Forbes, and The Economist. His thought leadership, often described as a ‘double espresso’ for business leaders, ignites new perspectives and mindset shifts for thriving through disruption. Mauri says: “We need to prepare to seize the future boldly. We’re trapped in Zombie leadership, where dead management ideas live on. Our workforce is ‘over-managed and under-led.’ We reward bureaucratic work over intelligent work. And we have cultures of conformity that reject ideas that challenge the status quo rather than cultures of courage that embrace them. It’s time to unlearn the always-done ways that have gone off like sour milk.” 

Contribution to the Industry 

Terence Mauri has been at the center of this accelerated future, helping leaders sharpen their future readiness muscle and find the upside in disruption. He is the founder of Hack Future Lab, a management think tank, and partners with HR and business leaders worldwide to turn uncertainty into action, creating long-term sustainable value and resilience. As a visiting professor and MIT Global Insights Technology partner, Mauri’s work on converging and overlapping disruptions like industry convergence, talent scarcity, and AI everywhere helps leaders navigate unpredictable futures, mitigate risk, and take advantage of the upside of disruption today, tomorrow, and the future.

Final Words 

The 2024 Global Recognition Award is a testament to Terence Mauri’s enduring impact on the field of leadership and his commitment to excellence in thought leadership. Mauri says: “Change used to happen as a breeze. Now, it feels like a category-five typhoon. Change is everywhere and all at once, with shocks upon shocks, from Industry Convergence and Talent Scarcity to Geopolitical Risk and AI-driven Disruption. But the future isn’t just about technology and trends. It’s about mindsets and choices, too. It represents nothing less than a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reimagine the future of work, talent, and leadership and find the upside in disruption. Now, not taking a risk is a risk.” As the world grapples with unprecedented changes, Mauri’s insights into the future of leadership and his ability to turn disruption into an advantage are more relevant than ever. This award recognizes his contributions as pivotal in shaping the dialogue around the future of leadership and why today’s leadership challenges can’t be solved with yesterday’s thinking.


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Management Consulting and Leadership Development


New York, USA

What They Do

Terence Mauri is a renowned figure in leadership advisory and CEO coaching, recognized for his innovative approaches to navigating business disruption. As the founder of Hack Future Lab, a visiting professor at IE Business School, and an MIT Entrepreneur Mentor, Mauri specializes in preparing leaders for the future by turning disruption into strategic advantages. His work includes global speaking engagements, insightful publications in top business magazines, and influential thought leadership that challenges conventional management practices. Mauri’s upcoming book, "The Upside of Disruption," encapsulates his philosophy of embracing change to unlock potential, advocating for a transformation in leadership mindsets to lead effectively in an era of constant flux.

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