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Tejas Gajjar Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Tejas Gajjar has been recognized with a 2024 Global Recognition Award for his exceptional contributions to the technology field, specifically within the framework of Macy’s Technology. His innovative approach to problem-solving, coupled with a solid strategic vision, sets him apart in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. Gajjar’s leadership in automating deployment processes has revolutionized Macy’s operational efficiency, yielding significant cost savings and streamlining the software development lifecycle. This automation enhanced developer efficiency and played a pivotal role in reducing resource dependencies, marking a substantial leap toward operational excellence.

The enhancement of monitoring capabilities through the implementation of Grafana and the strategic migration of data centers to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure are testimonies to Gajjar’s forward-thinking approach. These milestones have improved Macy’s ability to track performance and analyze data and facilitated a robust, highly available infrastructure that supports the company’s digital transformation goals. By focusing on the technical and strategic aspects of technology management, Gajjar has demonstrated an ability to navigate and leverage cloud technologies for operational efficiency and cost savings, distinguishing his work from others in the field.

Innovation and Strategic Vision

Gajjar’s commitment to innovation is evident in his re-engineering of TIBCO middleware and his leadership in migrating Macy’s technology infrastructure to a cloud-based environment. These initiatives have significantly reduced operational costs while enhancing agility and scalability, laying the groundwork for a future-proof technology ecosystem. The transition to a fully automated, kiosk-based deployment process under Gajjar’s direction has streamlined operations and represented a major leap towards enhancing Macy’s competitive edge in the retail industry.

Furthermore, Gajjar’s strategic vision in developing a hybrid cloud ecosystem exemplifies his ability to balance immediate needs with long-term goals. This approach has ensured that Macy’s remains at the forefront of retail technology, capable of adapting to changing market demands with agility and efficiency. His forward-thinking strategy has also paved the way for Macy’s to maximize the benefits of cloud-native technologies, significantly improving customer experience and bolstering the company’s position in the digital marketplace.

Leadership and Impact

Beyond his technical achievements, Gajjar’s leadership and dedication to team development have fostered a culture of innovation, accountability, and continuous improvement within Macy’s Technology. By coaching, mentoring, and providing strategic direction, he has empowered his colleagues to excel in their roles, driving the success of technology initiatives across the board. His emphasis on building a skilled, innovative, and diverse workforce has propelled current projects to success and ensured the organization’s capacity to meet future challenges.

Gajjar’s role as a mentor and advocate for diversity in the tech industry further underscores his commitment to creating a more equitable and dynamic professional environment. His involvement with organizations like and recognition as a “Woman in Technology Ally” highlight his dedication to leveraging technology for social good and supporting underrepresented groups in the technology community. These efforts demonstrate Gajjar’s belief in the power of technology to effect positive social change, further cementing his status as a leader and innovator in the field.

Final Words

Tejas Gajjar’s exceptional contributions to Macy’s Technology and the broader tech community exemplify the qualities celebrated by a 2024 Global Recognition Award. His innovative solutions to complex challenges, strategic vision for the future of retail technology, and impactful leadership have driven Macy’s Technology forward and set a standard for excellence in the industry. Gajjar’s work reflects a holistic approach to technology management, emphasizing the importance of operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness and the value of mentorship, diversity, and social responsibility in the tech community.

We recognize Gajjar with this award and celebrate his achievements and contributions to the technology sector. His dedication to innovation, strategic planning, and team development inspires others in the field, highlighting the significant impact that one individual can have on advancing technology and improving society. Gajjar’s legacy is one of excellence, leadership, and a commitment to paving the way for future generations of technology professionals.


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Tejas Gajjar plays a pivotal role at Macy's Technology, driving innovation and operational efficiency within the retail technology sector. He has revolutionized software deployment processes through automation, significantly reducing costs and streamlining the development lifecycle. Gajjar led the migration of data centers to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and implemented Grafana for enhanced monitoring capabilities. His strategic vision in migrating Macy’s technology infrastructure to a cloud-based environment has reduced operational costs while increasing agility and scalability. Gajjar also fosters a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, mentoring his colleagues and advocating for diversity in the tech industry, which underscores his commitment to leveraging technology for social good.


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