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Tarun Gupta Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Tarun Gupta has been recognized with 2024 Global Recognition Award for his exceptional contributions to the marketing landscape through innovative strategies and digital excellence. In his role at Reckitt, Gupta steered a $150 million business focusing on the holistic 6P strategy—Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, and Performance metrics. His leadership in executing groundbreaking campaigns and harnessing digital platforms such as Instacart has not only accelerated growth for his brands but also established new global benchmarks in digital marketing and eCommerce.

Moreover, Gupta’s scholarly endeavors, including publishing six papers at the forefront of Marketing and AI, underscore his commitment to advancing the field. These contributions, combined with his role in spearheading long-term campaigns like “Start with Finish, Finish with Jet Dry” and earning accolades such as the Product of the Year award, highlight his innovative approach to modern marketing challenges. Gupta’s comprehensive expertise is further evidenced by his authorship of seminal works like “Mastering Omni-Channel Marketing” and “The Amazon Brand Accelerator,” which serve as essential guides for digital, eCommerce, and omni-channel marketing.

Innovation and Industry Leadership

Gupta’s innovative contributions to the marketing industry, notably through his strategic initiatives at Reckitt, have marked him as a pioneer in digital transformation. His successful business transformation on platforms like Instacart showcases his ability to navigate and leverage digital landscapes to foster business growth and efficiency. His visionary approach has propelled his brands to new heights and inspired a shift towards digital excellence within the marketing sector.

His influence extends beyond corporate achievements, as evidenced by his significant academic contributions. Gupta’s dedication to research and knowledge dissemination, through both scholarly papers and comprehensive books on digital marketing and eCommerce, has positioned him as a thought leader in his field. His work on impactful campaigns and recognition with awards like Marketer of the Year and Best Researcher Award attest to his leadership and innovative spirit in redefining industry standards.

Distinctive Impact and Global Best Practices

Tarun Gupta stands out in the marketing field for his ability to exceed his role by establishing global best practices and making strides in integrating marketing and technology. His digital marketing and eCommerce efforts have benefited his brands and contributed to the broader field, setting new precedents for excellence and innovation. Gupta’s work embodies the fusion of marketing acumen with data-driven strategies, highlighting the importance of embracing technological advancements for business success.

Furthermore, Gupta’s commitment to education and knowledge sharing, through the publication of five influential books and six scholarly papers, reflects his dedication to fostering growth and innovation within the marketing community. These resources, which cover cutting-edge topics such as omnichannel marketing and the use of AI in marketing, serve as invaluable tools for professionals looking to navigate the complexities of the digital age. Through his contributions, Gupta has advanced his field and played a pivotal role in shaping the future of marketing.

Final Words

The awarding of 2024 Global Recognition Award to Tarun Gupta is a testament to his unparalleled contributions to the marketing industry. Through his strategic vision, innovative campaigns, and dedication to digital excellence, Gupta has significantly impacted how marketing strategies are developed and executed. His work, characterized by academic rigor and practical achievements, has set new standards for success in the digital marketing and eCommerce landscape.

Gupta’s achievements are not just a reflection of his excellence but also serve as a beacon for future generations in the marketing field. His ability to drive change and his commitment to sharing knowledge and best practices make him a deserving recipient of 2024 Global Recognition Award. Gupta’s legacy is one of innovation, leadership, and an unwavering dedication to advancing the marketing industry in the digital era.


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Tarun Gupta is distinguished for earning the 2024 Global Recognition Award due to his pioneering contributions to digital marketing and eCommerce. Leading a $150 million segment at Reckitt, he executed innovative campaigns and utilized digital platforms like Instacart, setting new global standards. His scholarly work includes publishing six papers on Marketing and AI, authoring crucial texts on omni-channel marketing, and driving notable campaigns. Gupta's strategic vision and digital prowess have transformed business practices, making him a thought leader in integrating marketing with technology. His dedication to knowledge sharing and academic rigor cements his influence in shaping the future of marketing.

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