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Suman Chintala Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Suman Chintala has been recognized with a 2024 Global Recognition Award for his exceptional contributions to business intelligence, data analytics, and advanced integration of AI technologies. His work, marked by the successful implementation of large-scale projects using state-of-the-art tools and platforms, has significantly enhanced operational efficiency and strategic decision-making in several major companies.

One of Chintala’s significant achievements was the development and execution of a generative AI project for a call center client utilizing Google Cloud technologies. This project facilitated a complete call review and analysis, greatly improving the client’s operational efficiency. Demonstrating how Artificial Intelligence can effectively enhance Business Intelligence tools, this project showcased Chintala’s ability to drive significant business outcomes through technology.

Innovation and Impact

Chintala’s initiatives with Gorden Food Services exemplify his expertise. By migrating several petabytes of data into Google Cloud, he facilitated analytics for over 20,000 employees. He created a MicroStrategy Auto AI Bot using generative AI, enhancing user interaction and operational efficiency. These accomplishments underscore Chintala’s ability to improve data infrastructure and provide advanced analytics tools, marking significant progress in the company’s digital transformation journey.

His efforts with Foot Locker involved implementing real-time store operations dashboards and the FLX loyalty program using Azure and Power BI. This innovation gave store performance leaders immediate insights into outlet operations, significantly improving report generation and action timeliness. Such initiatives demonstrate Chintala’s capacity to effectively combine technology to yield real-time solutions that revolutionize business operations.

Leadership and Recognition

Beyond technical skills, Chintala’s leadership within the industry is demonstrated by his active role in community and professional engagements. His participation in discussions at ACM and IEEE societies and his voluntary service as a judge at the Globee Awards highlight his commitment to promoting technological growth globally and fostering a data-driven culture. His leadership is further recognized through multiple certifications and professional contributions that affirm his prominence in the field.

Chintala has been acknowledged internally and by clients for his innovative approaches and solutions that significantly reduce costs and enhance decision-making capabilities. His work at companies like Incomm, where he restructured the fraud detection system, and PWC, where he optimized cloud infrastructure, showcases his ability to lead significant technological transformations aligned with strategic business goals.

Final Words

Chintala’s blend of advanced technical knowledge, innovative problem-solving, and commitment to continuous improvement sets him apart in business intelligence and data analytics. His efforts have enhanced operational efficiencies, reduced costs, and enabled businesses to leverage technology for substantial strategic advantages. These contributions rightly position Suman Chintala as a deserving recipient of a 2024 Global Recognition Award.

Chintala exemplifies the qualities of an influential leader whose work has profoundly impacted various sectors. By integrating AI with traditional BI tools and cloud platforms, he has set new technological implementation and business intelligence standards, establishing him as a standout individual in his field.


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Suman Chintala excels in business intelligence, data analytics, and the integration of AI technologies, enhancing operational efficiency and strategic decision-making in major companies. His notable projects include the use of Google Cloud technologies in a generative AI initiative for a call center, which improved operational efficiency through comprehensive call analysis. At Gorden Food Services, Chintala managed the migration of several petabytes of data to Google Cloud, created advanced analytics tools, and implemented a MicroStrategy Auto AI Bot. His work with Foot Locker involved developing real-time dashboards and enhancing the FLX loyalty program, demonstrating his capability to provide effective, real-time business solutions.


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