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Somil Nishar Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Under the visionary leadership of Somil Nishar, Quality Design Services, Inc. has been recognized with a 2024 Global Recognition Award. Nishar’s innovative approach and dedication to excellence have been pivotal in steering the company to new heights in the automation industry.

Leadership in Project Execution

Nishar’s leadership was instrumental in the successful completion of a significant automation project for a retail warehouse plant. This endeavor, which featured the integration of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) technology, not only underscored Nishar’s innovative thinking but also demonstrated his ability to lead his team in enhancing operational efficiency and productivity. The project’s success, resulting in significant cost reductions and improved product quality, marks a milestone in Nishar’s career and the industry.

Industry-Altering Innovations

Under Nishar’s guidance, Quality Design Services, Inc. developed an automated guided vehicle (AGV) or autonomous mobile robot (AMR) equipped with a scissor lift and robotic arm. This groundbreaking innovation, conceived and brought to fruition by Nishar and his team, has revolutionized warehouse operations, showcasing Nishar’s forward-thinking vision in automation.

Nishar’s Vision in Automation Solutions

Nishar’s control and robot engineering expertise has positioned Quality Design Services, Inc. as a leader in providing customized automation solutions. The company’s flagship service, shaped by Nishar’s strategic vision, caters to various industries, demonstrating his and his team’s capability to meet diverse client needs with innovative solutions.

Personal and Organizational Distinction

Somil Nishar’s role in distinguishing Quality Design Services, Inc. in the automation solutions market is marked by his extensive experience, industry expertise, and commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions. His emphasis on teamwork and building strong client relationships, reflective of his leadership style, has set both him and his company apart from competitors.

Final Words

In recognition of these significant individual and corporate achievements in automation, Somil Nishar and Quality Design Services, Inc. are fittingly honored with a 2024 Global Recognition Award. Nishar’s innovative leadership and his company’s commitment to advancing technology and efficiency embody the essence of this prestigious award.


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Michigan, USA

What They Do

Somil's commitment to advancing automation and robotics solutions is further exemplified by his role as a Mechatronics and Automation Engineer, where he implemented cutting-edge technologies to enhance operational efficiency and productivity. As a Process Engineer, he introduced innovative methodologies to improve communication, streamline processes, and optimize production workflows.


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