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Shrisyash Shete Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Shriyash Shete, a Senior User Experience Designer at Zscaler, has been recognized with a 2024 Global Recognition Award for his outstanding contributions in the realm of cybersecurity. His innovative approach to leveraging the largest cybersecurity dataset at Zscaler has led to the development of a unique security risk quantification, visualization, and investigation software interface. This interface has significantly impacted cybersecurity professionals’ ability to effectively detect and mitigate cyber threats.

Leadership in Product Design and Innovation

Shete’s leadership in the end-to-end user experience design of Zscaler’s fast-growing Risk360 SaaS product is a remarkable achievement. His work resulted in acquiring over ten large enterprise-paid customers within the first six months of the launch, with an additional 100+ customers showing interest. This success is a testament to Shete’s expertise in understanding and fulfilling the complex needs of cybersecurity professionals through intuitive and efficient product design.

Furthermore, Shete has been instrumental in leading the product design for two brand-new, AI-powered, complex cybersecurity products at Zscaler. His role in developing 25+ critical features for over 40 million global Zscaler users from large enterprises underscores his pivotal contribution to enhancing cybersecurity measures. The products and services designed under his guidance have helped prevent countless cyberattacks and data breaches, saving companies millions of dollars.

Advocacy for User-Centric Design

What sets Shete apart in the tech industry is his unique blend of engineering, data analytics, and user experience design skills, combined with his passion for emerging technologies such as AI and AR/VR. This diverse skillset allows him to create user-friendly interfaces and intuitive data visualizations that detect and remediate anomalous activities to secure digital assets.

His work exemplifies the importance of user-centric design in cybersecurity, ensuring that professionals can efficiently operate complex systems. Shete’s dedication to enhancing user experience in cybersecurity products is a significant factor in his recognition with the 2024 Global Recognition Award. His innovative designs have profoundly impacted how cybersecurity professionals interact with technology, making the digital world safer.

Final Words

The 2024 Global Recognition Award awarded to Shriyash Shete highlights his exceptional contributions to the cybersecurity industry, particularly in user experience design. His achievements in creating innovative, intuitive, and effective cybersecurity products have set a new benchmark in the field. Shete’s leadership, innovation, and advocacy for user-centric design in cybersecurity have benefited Zscaler and its customers and significantly impacted the tech industry.

Shete’s recognition is well-deserved, reflecting his dedication, skill, and innovative approach to solving complex cybersecurity challenges. His work at Zscaler, characterized by a commitment to excellence and a drive for continuous improvement, exemplifies the qualities that the 2024 Global Recognition Award aims to honor. Shriyash Shete stands as an inspiration to professionals in the cybersecurity and tech industries, showcasing the power of innovation and user-focused design in creating safer digital environments.


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San Francisco, CA, USA

What They Do

Shriyash Shete, a Senior User Experience Designer at Zscaler, excels in cybersecurity innovation, particularly in developing a groundbreaking security risk quantification, visualization, and investigation interface. His expertise has led to significant advancements in cyber threat detection and mitigation. Shete's leadership has also been instrumental in the successful design and launch of Zscaler's Risk360 SaaS product and other AI-powered cybersecurity solutions, significantly enhancing digital security measures. His unique blend of engineering, data analytics, and design skills, along with a passion for emerging technologies, enables him to create intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that improve cybersecurity professionals' ability to safeguard digital assets effectively.


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