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Priyanka Neelakrishnan Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

New York, May 2024

Priyanka Neelakrishnan has been recognized with a 2024 Global Recognition Award for her exceptional contributions and leadership in cybersecurity. Leading the charge as a respected product leader and innovator, Priyanka’s role as Product Line Manager at Palo Alto Networks has seen her manage portfolios worth hundreds of millions, driving initiatives that have significantly moved the cybersecurity field ahead. Her significant journey in cybersecurity began at Symantec, where she developed a pioneering cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) product, the first to offer cloud data security to enterprise customers of all sizes. This product established a new industry standard with advanced content-matching technologies and extensive cloud data protection across multiple coverage points.

Priyanka’s expertise extends beyond product development to include notable strategic prowess in enhancing significant revenue growth. Under her direction, crucial SaaS API and Inline solutions (CASB data at rest and in motion) at Palo Alto Networks have collectively generated over $200 million in revenue. She was pivotal in conceptualizing and productizing three remarkable cloud application security solutions: SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM), User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), and Zero Trust-based AI-powered data security. The launch of these innovative products garnered accolades and gained wide customer adoption leading to 150% YoY growth in SASE revenue. Additionally, she is vital in boosting revenue from $10 million to $70 million through strategic operational changes. Under her guidance, the smooth integration of user identity engines across all SaaS data security products showcases her skill in managing cross-product integrations, bolstering the company’s market dominance, and proactively addressing customer needs.

Innovation and Industry Leadership

The cybersecurity sector is continually advancing, and Priyanka has consistently been at the cutting edge of this evolution. Her latest project, Auto Tagging Recommendations for SaaS Security Applications, which is pending patent, illustrates her proactive approach to innovation. This initiative simplifies the management and security of SaaS applications, offering a comprehensive data security solution that has attracted media attention. This solution has already been launched and has seen widespread adoption among customers. Moreover, it has facilitated seamless integration with other Palo Alto Networks products, as highlighted by the management as exemplary AI-based product development.

Priyanka’s book, “Problem Pioneering: A Product Manager’s Guide to Crafting Compelling Solutions,” is a vital resource for product managers globally, providing practical insights and strategies rooted in real-world experiences. Presently, she is navigating the publication process for a cybersecurity book with a prestigious international publisher. As an independent researcher, she has contributed several cybersecurity papers to propel academic discourse forward. These publications are dedicated to advancing global cybersecurity interests. Moreover, her recent piece on AI governance featured in Hackernoon resonates with the advocacy efforts of US President Biden on the same subject at the United Nations.

This award reflects her achievements and influence on the industry and the community of cybersecurity professionals. Her approach integrates extensive expertise in networking and cybersecurity, enabling her to address enterprise data security concerns comprehensively rather than just providing isolated solutions. This comprehensive strategy has positioned Palo Alto Networks as a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) leader, further validated by industry analysts like Gartner. Her impact is evident in her dedication to advancing the field through informative videos and detailed discussions on cutting-edge data security products and methods.

Final Words

Priyanka Neelakrishnan’s selection for a 2024 Global Recognition Award highlights her excellence and broad impact on the cybersecurity industry. Her visionary leadership in developing and integrating cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions has benefited her company and set new industry standards. Her achievements are marked by a blend of technical skill, strategic foresight, and a commitment to advancing industry knowledge, making her an exemplary recipient of this prestigious award.

As we celebrate Priyanka’s accomplishments, it is clear that her influence goes beyond immediate product innovations to shape the broader cybersecurity field. Her holistic problem-solving approach and ability to drive significant industry progress reflect an inspiring and exemplary career. Priyanka Neelakrishnan embodies what a 2024 Global Recognition Award aims to recognize and promote global business excellence.


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San Jose, CA, USA

What They Do

Priyanka Neelakrishnan is a Product Line Manager at Palo Alto Networks, where she leads the development and management of cybersecurity products. Her journey from pioneering work in robotics for agriculture to mastering software-defined networks and data security showcases her exceptional versatility and expertise. Beyond her role at Palo Alto Networks, Priyanka is a distinguished independent researcher, published author, sought-after speaker, esteemed judge, and a leading authority in product innovation.


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