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Pranith Shetty Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Pranith Shetty has been recognized with a 2024 Global Recognition Award for his exemplary contributions to information security and risk management. Over a career that spans nearly two decades, Pranith has established himself as a leader, innovator, and educator in an industry crucial to the global digital infrastructure. His roles at leading organizations like Morgan Stanley, Cisco, PwC, and International Paper have been marked by strategic developments in cybersecurity measures that have significantly enhanced company and client security postures across multiple industries.

His practical achievements in designing and implementing advanced risk assessment methodologies and security frameworks have set industry benchmarks for protecting sensitive data and systems against cyber threats. At PwC and Morgan Stanley, Pranith was instrumental in creating solutions that curtailed various security vulnerabilities. His leadership at Cisco, where he leads the risk management program for cloud network security solutions, underscores a proactive approach that continuously adapts to new security challenges.

Distinctive Contributions

Besides his professional practice, Pranith’s influence extends into the academic and educational sectors, distinguishing him further within his field. His academic contributions include co-authoring a paper on adaptive cyber risk intelligence using big data, which gained recognition at a challenge sponsored by Deloitte. These scholarly pursuits are complemented by his proactive engagement as a peer reviewer and editorial board member for several journals, enhancing the quality and integrity of research in cybersecurity.

Pranith’s work is further enriched by his mentoring and guidance in the academic sector. He has supported Ph.D. candidates, contributed to book chapters, and published papers that address critical issues in information security, risk management, and data privacy. His dedication to fostering new generations of cybersecurity professionals and advancing public understanding of the field reflects his commitment to his career and the broader community impacted by his work.

Recognition and Certification

Pranith’s professional excellence is reflected in receiving multiple international awards, including the Titan Business Awards and honors from the Indian Achievers Forum in the cybersecurity categories. Such accolades underline the recognition of his peers and the wider industry, highlighting his impact and leadership in information security. His certifications from respected organizations like CISSP, CRISC, and CDPSE demonstrate his expertise and continuous effort to stay updated with technological and procedural advancements.

The diverse recognitions, from industry awards to academic commendations and certifications, confirm Pranith’s significant and ongoing contributions to his field. This multifaceted acknowledgment from various authoritative bodies validates his past achievements and underscores his active role in shaping the future of cybersecurity and risk management practices globally.

Final Words

The 2024 Global Recognition Award for Pranith Shetty acknowledges his pivotal role in advancing the field of information security and his dedication to enhancing the infrastructures that protect digital assets worldwide. His career trajectory, marked by significant achievements and leadership roles in major corporations, alongside his academic contributions and community involvement, illustrates a professional life dedicated to excellence and innovation.

Pranith Shetty’s commitment to his field is demonstrated through his work outcomes and active participation in the ongoing dialogue and development within the information security community. His approach exemplifies the qualities that a 2024 Global Recognition Awards seek to honor: innovation, influence, and integrity in shaping industry standards and educating future leaders.


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Information Systems, Cybersecurity, and Risk Management


New York, NY, USA

What They Do

Pranith Shetty is a prominent figure in information security and risk management, with nearly two decades of experience. He has held influential roles at major corporations like Morgan Stanley, Cisco, PwC, and International Paper, where he has implemented strategic cybersecurity measures. Pranith's work involves designing advanced risk assessment methodologies and security frameworks to protect against cyber threats. Additionally, he leads the risk management program for cloud network security solutions at Cisco. Beyond his professional endeavors, Pranith contributes academically, co-authoring significant papers and mentoring in the academic sector, thereby shaping the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.


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