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Pankaj Zanke Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Pankaj Zanke has been recognized with a 2024 Global Recognition Award for his exceptional contributions to the field of Information Technology, specifically within the insurance sector. His ability to leverage data to drive transformative business results and his dedication to mentorship and community impact have set him apart as a leader in his industry.

His innovative approach to data-driven transformation is at the core of Zanke’s achievements. He has successfully spearheaded the development of advanced data models that have significantly improved his organization’s marketing and inventory management. These models have enhanced customer segmentation, marketing strategies, and optimized inventory management, demonstrating Zanke’s ability to translate complex data into actionable and profitable business strategies.

Professional Excellence and Industry Impact

Zanke’s role as a mentor and leader within his team exemplifies his commitment to professional development and organizational success. By fostering a culture of mentorship, he has enabled individuals within his team to achieve notable professional growth, aligning their personal goals with broader business objectives. This has benefited his team members and contributed to creating a more cohesive and effective organizational environment.

His recognition as a judge for the Globee Awards and Brandon Hall Awards 2024 further underscores his standing in the industry. By evaluating the work of his peers, Zanke stays at the forefront of industry trends and standards, ensuring that his knowledge and skills remain cutting-edge. This role also allows him to establish industry benchmarks and influence his field’s direction and standards of excellence.

Commitment to Community and Social Impact

Zanke’s influence extends beyond the confines of his professional work. His significant contributions to community initiatives, particularly his leadership in securing substantial funding for Vibha, highlight his dedication to leveraging his skills for social good. By orchestrating strategies that generated over $200,000 in sponsorships for children’s education, Zanke has made a tangible impact on the community, demonstrating that his expertise can drive business success and meaningful social change.

Besides his community work, Zanke’s commitment to client success is evident in his tailored, impactful solutions that have led to significant achievements, such as identifying fraudulent activities that positively affected a client’s revenue. This client-centric approach, combined with his technical expertise, has enabled him to deliver exceptional value, further solidifying his reputation as a leader in his industry.

Final Words

The breadth and depth of Zanke’s contributions set him apart in the 2024 Global Recognition Award competition. His multifaceted approach to business challenges—spanning technical innovation, mentorship, and social responsibility—exemplifies the qualities of a distinguished leader in the information technology sector.

This award recognizes Zanke’s achievements and highlights his work’s broader impact. Pankaj Zanke embodies the spirit of innovation and leadership that the 2024 Global Recognition Award seeks to honor through his dedication to excellence, commitment to developing others, and contributions to community and industry standards.


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Information Technology, Insurance


Cumming, GA, USA

What They Do

Pankaj Zanke has made significant contributions in the Information Technology field, with a particular focus on the insurance industry. He is known for leveraging data to enhance business operations, notably through the development of advanced data models that improve marketing and inventory management. Zanke is deeply committed to mentorship, fostering professional growth among his team. His role as a judge for industry awards highlights his influence and dedication to maintaining high standards. Beyond his professional achievements, Zanke is actively involved in community initiatives, such as securing funding for children's education, demonstrating his capacity to drive both business success and meaningful social change.


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