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My Word Publishing Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

My Word Publishing has been recognized with a 2024 Global Recognition Award for its remarkable contribution to the publishing industry, fundamentally transforming how authors publish their work. In an era dominated by traditional publishing houses, My Word Publishing stands out for its revolutionary approach, allowing authors to retain full rights and royalties to their creations. This model empowers writers and challenges the conventional dynamics of book publishing, fostering a more inclusive and equitable market.

The company’s induction into the U.S. Congressional Record in 2022 underscores its significant impact on the industry. By disrupting the old publishing model, My Word Publishing has recognized the value of authorial control. Still, it has set new standards for quality and professionalism in self-publishing. Its comprehensive project management services guide authors from the initial concept to complete distribution, ensuring that self-published works can compete equally with traditional publishers.

Innovation and Client Success

Since its inception in 2012, My Word Publishing has served nearly 1000 clients, many of whom have garnered awards for their work. This remarkable achievement highlights the company’s commitment to excellence and its ability to deliver services that meet the high standards of the literary world. The success of its clients serves as a testament to the company’s innovative approach, which includes assembling a team of skilled professionals for each author, ranging from editors and book designers to illustrators, ensuring a seamless and high-quality publishing process.

My Word Publishing’s unique business model prioritizes the author’s creative freedom and financial benefit, which has led to the company’s staggering revenue growth of 106.25 percent in the past four years. This growth reflects the company’s market success and ability to adapt to and thrive within the evolving literary landscape. My Word Publishing has effectively leveraged the global community of authors and vendors, fostering relationships that enhance the publishing experience for all involved.

Global Community and Evolutionary Support

My Word Publishing has distinguished itself by fostering a global community of authors, offering unparalleled support and resources in the ever-evolving publishing world. This approach has enabled authors from various backgrounds to bring their stories to the global stage and cultivated a network of creativity and innovation. The company’s dedication to supporting its authors through the changing literary landscape demonstrates a forward-thinking approach that values adaptability and community engagement.

My Word Publishing’s prominence in the industry is underscored by its 112 5-star Google reviews, highlighting its exceptional service and client satisfaction. This distinction cements the company’s leadership in publishing, emphasizing its commitment to excellence and innovation. Unlike traditional models, My Word Publishing maintains high standards while empowering authors to retain control over their creative and financial rights, setting a new benchmark for success and integrity in the field.

Final Words

The 2024 Global Recognition Award for My Word Publishing is a testament to the company’s pioneering role in transforming the publishing industry. By empowering authors and challenging the status quo, My Word Publishing has demonstrated that it can maintain high quality and professionalism in self-publishing, opening up new opportunities for writers worldwide. The company’s success is not just in its innovative approach but in its ability to foster a supportive and dynamic global community that thrives on creativity and collaboration.

My Word Publishing’s achievements reflect a broader shift towards greater inclusivity and democratization in the publishing industry. The company’s commitment to authorial rights, innovative business models, and community-building efforts have reshaped the publishing landscape and set a new standard for excellence. As such, My Word Publishing’s recognition with a 2024 Global Recognition Award is both a celebration of its accomplishments and a recognition of its significant impact on the future of publishing. 


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What They Do

My Word Publishing revolutionizes the publishing industry by providing comprehensive self-publishing services. The company supports authors by allowing them to retain full rights and royalties to their work, challenging traditional publishing norms. My Word Publishing offers project management services that guide authors through the entire publishing process, from concept to distribution, ensuring high-quality outcomes. The company assembles skilled teams for each project, including editors, book designers, and illustrators, to deliver professional results. Their unique business model emphasizes authorial control and creative freedom, fostering a global community of authors and enhancing the publishing experience through innovation and collaboration.


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