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Lisa Andrews Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Lisa Andrews and her company, Lisa Andrews Psychic, based in the United Kingdom, have been distinguished with a 2024 Global Recognition Award for their exceptional contributions to the spiritual and healing industry. This accolade reflects the innovative integration of technology and traditional healing modalities alongside a solid commitment to community engagement and ethical standards. Lisa’s journey, marked by personal challenges and professional achievements, embodies the resilience and dedication the award seeks to honor. Her work provides healing and guidance and pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the psychic and spiritual realms.

At the core of Lisa Andrews Psychic’s success is introducing a new healing service that broadens the spectrum of support for individuals seeking spiritual guidance. This expansion has demonstrated significant growth for the company and enriched clients’ lives through enhanced access to Lisa’s gifts. Furthermore, receiving a Global Supermind award for services to humanity underscores the global recognition of Lisa’s expertise and her impactful contributions to the industry. These milestones and the overwhelmingly positive client feedback solidify Lisa’s leadership in her field.

Innovation and Accessibility

Embracing digital platforms has allowed Lisa Andrews Psychic to extend its reach, offering virtual sessions, online workshops, and an interactive platform that ensures guidance is just a few clicks away for clients worldwide. This strategic adaptation to technology caters to the modern client’s needs and sets a new standard for accessibility within the spiritual and healing industry. Lisa’s holistic approach, combining psychic readings with energy healing techniques like Reiki or crystal healing, also provides a comprehensive healing experience that addresses clients’ spiritual and physical well-being.

Integrating various healing modalities underlines the company’s innovative spirit. By offering services that blend intuitive counseling with energy healing, Lisa Andrews Psychic ensures that each client’s wellness journey is personalized and profound. This unique approach has resonated with a broad audience, significantly increasing clientele and revenue over the past three years. It’s clear that the company’s offerings, particularly those combining psychic insights with energy healing, have struck a chord with those seeking holistic pathways to health and happiness.

Community Engagement and Ethical Practice

Lisa’s active participation in charity events reflects a genuine commitment to empathy and understanding within the community. These efforts promote a sense of unity and support and raise awareness of the healing potential of psychic and spiritual practices. By engaging with the community, Lisa Andrews Psychic reinforces that spiritual wellness is integral to overall health and deserves recognition and respect. Furthermore, establishing ethical standards within her practice has elevated the industry’s reputation, ensuring that clients receive services marked by integrity and accountability.

The emphasis on ethical practices and accountability is a testament to Lisa’s dedication to fostering a transparent and trustworthy environment for her clients. Implementing clear guidelines for practitioners within her company, Lisa Andrews Psychic is a model of ethical conduct in the psychic industry. This commitment protects clients and enhances the sector’s credibility, promoting a higher standard of service and care. Lisa’s efforts to combine personal healing experiences with professional growth and community service exemplify the qualities celebrated by the 2024 Global Recognition Award.

Final Words

The receipt of a 2024 Global Recognition Award by Lisa Andrews and her company is a recognition of their pioneering work in the spiritual and healing industry. Through the innovative use of technology, the integration of diverse healing modalities, and a steadfast commitment to community and ethical standards, Lisa Andrews Psychic has set a new benchmark for excellence. This award not only celebrates the achievements to date but also anticipates the future contributions that Lisa and her company will undoubtedly make to the industry and the lives of individuals seeking guidance and healing.

In reflecting on this achievement, it’s clear that the success of Lisa Andrews Psychic goes beyond the individual or the company; it’s about the impact on the community and the industry. Lisa’s journey from personal challenges to professional recognition serves as an inspiration, showcasing the transformative power of resilience, innovation, and compassion. As the 2024 Global Recognition Award recipient, Lisa Andrews Psychic stands as a beacon of hope and healing, guiding individuals towards wellness and spiritual fulfilment.


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Lisa Andrews, through her company Lisa Andrews Psychic, specializes in providing spiritual guidance and healing services. Her approach combines traditional healing modalities with the latest technological advances, ensuring broad accessibility through virtual sessions, online workshops, and an interactive platform. Dedicated to innovation, community engagement, and ethical practices, Lisa offers a range of services including psychic readings, energy healing techniques like Reiki and crystal healing, all designed to cater to the modern client's needs. Her work personalizes the wellness journey for each client, demonstrating a profound impact on their spiritual and physical well-being and establishing her as a leader in the spiritual and healing industry.

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