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Jetpac Global Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Jetpac Global has earned recognition with a 2024 Global Recognition Award for its pioneering methods in travel technology through eSIMs. This award acknowledges the company’s dedication to innovation and customer service and its significant influence on the industry. As part of Circles, a global technology company reimagining the telco industry with its SaaS platform, Jetpac Global has revolutionized the delivery of travel technological services, prioritizing customer empowerment, flexibility, and engagement.

Central to Jetpac Global’s achievement is its customer-focused business model. Awarded Travel Product of the Year by Asia Telecom Awards 2023, the company has shown a steadfast dedication to providing unmatched customer experiences. This commitment is manifested through their eSIM technology that provides one eSIM across multiple destinations, seamless top-ups of data packs through the app, and an outstanding referral program that benefits customers immediately. Jetpac Global’s strategy in innovation and unparalleled customer service transcends transactional interactions, nurturing a community through various events and initiatives that involve customers in meaningful ways.

Innovative Business Practices

Jetpac Global has introduced new benchmarks in the travel technology field through its innovative business practices. The company has simplified the traveler’s customer experience by utilizing technology for fully digital solutions, making it more convenient and accessible. This digital-first approach has enhanced operational efficiency and enabled Jetpac Global to adapt swiftly to market dynamics and consumer preference shifts. Their strategy of integrating value-added services such as SmartDelay free global lounge access with their travel app further illustrates a forward-thinking mentality towards expanding their ecosystem, thereby increasing their customers’ value.

The company’s revenue growth speaks volumes about the efficacy of its business model and strategies. With an approximate 70% rise in revenue and a customer base expanding 50% month on month since its establishment, Jetpac Global has demonstrated impressive performance and scalability. This growth indicates the company’s success in attracting and retaining customers through outstanding service and inventive offerings. A solid online star rating of 4.8 further underscores the positive reception of Jetpac Global’s services among its users, indicating high customer satisfaction and trust.

Redefining Connectivity for the Global Traveler

Jetpac Global is leading the way in transforming global travel with its innovative eSIM technology, designed to simplify connectivity for travelers. By eliminating the need for physical SIM card swaps, this technology allows travelers to maintain just 1 eSIM with seamless digital access in various countries for up to 30 days at a time. By allowing the eSIM to be reusable, it caters to the modern traveler’s demand for uninterrupted connectivity, enhancing travel experiences with features like complimentary access to over 1000 airport lounges worldwide in case of flight delays. This ensures that travelers can enjoy comfort and convenience, even when faced with the unpredictable nature of travel.

Furthermore, Jetpac Global offers competitive data roaming packages, real-time usage monitoring, and unrestricted hotspot capabilities, making its eSIM technology an essential companion for international travel. This advancement signifies a significant step towards making travel more effortless and enjoyable, ensuring that travelers remain connected and comfortable.

Final Words

The 2024 Global Recognition Award on Jetpac Global acknowledges the company’s extraordinary contributions to transforming the travel technological industry through innovation, customer service, and community involvement. This award celebrates Jetpac Global’s pursuit of excellence, its positive effect on the industry, and its role as a catalyst for change. The company’s impressive growth, customer satisfaction, and community initiatives highlight its leadership in the digital age, serving as an example for others to emulate.

The acknowledgment of Jetpac Global with a 2024 Global Recognition Award is well-deserved, underscoring its position as a trailblazer in the travel technological sector and its commitment to adding value for its customers and the community. This recognition validates the company’s past achievements and supports its future endeavors. Jetpac Global remains a leader in innovation and is set to continue transforming the travel technological landscape and improving the customer experience for years ahead.


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Jetpac Global is a trailblazer in the travel technology industry, renowned for revolutionizing global connectivity with its pioneering eSIM technology. Positioned under Circles, a company reimagining telecommunications, Jetpac Global enhances the travel experience by offering seamless, digital connectivity solutions across multiple destinations without the need for physical SIM card swaps. Their services include offering competitive data roaming packages, real-time usage monitoring, and comprehensive hotspot capabilities, making international travel more effortless and enjoyable. By prioritizing customer empowerment and engagement, Jetpac Global not only simplifies connectivity for travelers but also fosters a community through innovative offerings and outstanding customer service.


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