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Avinash Gupta Desetty Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Avinash Gupta Desetty has been awarded the prestigious 2024 Global Recognition Award for his extraordinary achievements in cybersecurity and technology. As a SIEM architect and engineer, he has revolutionized data monitoring and management, setting a new standard in the industry.

Expertise in Data Monitoring and Security

Gupta’s approach to data feed monitoring and classification of critical data sources has significantly enhanced the ability to identify and analyze security threats. His expertise in extracting precise information enables security analysts to develop robust use cases for security monitoring. He established a comprehensive security monitoring framework by onboarding all data sources into SIEM.

Advancements in Security Operations and Automation

His work in implementing, engineering, and creating playbooks for SOAR, including upgrades, showcases his technical prowess. Gupta’s identification of PCI and PII data from onboarded data sources has been pivotal in creating targeted security monitoring use cases. He automated the identification of malicious threats, reducing false positives and bolstering cybersecurity defenses.

Collaborative Efforts and Integration of Security Tools

Gupta collaborates closely with SOC teams to ensure they have the necessary data sources for investigations. His role in integrating various security tools into SIEM for proof of concept (POC) has enhanced monitoring capabilities. His initiative in automating the integration of new security threat lists into SIEM demonstrates foresight and innovative thinking.

Utilization of AI and ML in Cybersecurity

Gupta has utilized AI and ML to detect anomalies in data feeds, demonstrating his advanced approach to cybersecurity. His integration of security data from firewalls and proxies with SIEM has enriched security use cases, providing a comprehensive view of potential threats.

Leadership in Developing User-Friendly Security Tools

His contributions include creating dashboards that enable security analysts to use the SIEM platform effectively. These tools ensure prompt and accurate investigations, solidifying his position as a leader in cybersecurity.

Final Words

Avinash Gupta Desetty’s 2024 Global Recognition Award is a testament to his innovative leadership and substantial contributions to cybersecurity and technology. His achievements inspire excellence in innovation and cybersecurity across the industry


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Avinash Gupta, excels in Information Technology. He is recognized for driving significant technological advancements at Sony, reinforcing its global market leadership. Gupta leads projects that redefine technology boundaries, contributing to Sony's growth in the U.S. and setting industry-wide innovation standards. His rare blend of technical expertise and strategic acumen has advanced Sony's objectives and inspired industry-wide excellence. Gupta's dedication to innovation and excellence in Information Technology makes him a benchmark figure in the technology sector, motivating others towards similar achievements.

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