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Anjanava Biswas Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

The Global Recognition Award has announced the 2024 Global Recognition Award recipient in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning field. The Award was presented to AI specialist and engineer Anjanava Biswas in recognition of his Applied AI innovations at Amazon Web Services (NASDAQ:AMZN). With more than 17 years of experience in the industry, Biswas is well known in the AI and ML community and has been pivotal in advancing computer vision technologies for advanced OCR, natural language processing (NLP), and several Generative AI innovations that have been impactful to the AI community, have been adopted at several organizations, and are regularly cited in advanced AI research papers. Moreover, Biswas’s recognition as an Innovator of the Quarter by AWS underscores his capability to contribute valuable, novel solutions within a leading tech organization.

The accolade awarded to Biswas not only highlights his groundbreaking work in the areas of computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), and generative AI but also celebrates his innovative contributions to these fields. Biswas’s pioneering efforts have substantially advanced the capabilities and applications of AI technologies, significantly enhancing user interactions and the reliability of AI-driven platforms. This award serves as a testament to Biswas’s leadership in AI technology and his active role in the broader AI community. His influential presence extends beyond his immediate work; Biswas is a recognized Senior member at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE, USA), and an elevated society member at The British Computer Society (UK), The Institution of Engineering and Technology (UK), and The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineers (India), all of which have recognized Biswas as an esteemed Fellow member due to his stellar contributions to the field of Applied AI.

Biswas’s Achievements and Influence

Biswas’s Applied AI innovations and research at AWS has played a key role across several industry sectors starting from financial services industry, healthcare, public sector, travel & hospitality, retail & supply-chain, core technology and more. He is dedicated to research work on a range of AI products at AWS that utilizes computer vision, natural language processing, and generative AI technologies. His research & development work on these technologies have received consistent media coverage within the industry and is used in large scale system implementations at organizations such as PennyMac Financial Services, the UK National Health Services, HM Land Registry UK, The US Veterans Benefits Administration, PepsiCo Inc., Qantas Airlines, Standard Bank South Africa, to name a few. In addition to his innovations, Biswas has authored a wide range of applied AI research papers, showcasing practical applications of AI and ML across various use-cases and industry sectors which are cited and utilized frequently by researchers and AI engineers across the AI community and industry.

In his specialist capacity at AWS, Biswas has also delivered a number of AI courses via the AWS Skillbuilder platform that has trained upwards of 1 Million professionals worldwide. An influential feat in educating the next generation of AI innovators. He also played a major role in contributing to the course curriculum for the AWS Machine Learning University (MLU), which provides machine learning training to individuals as well as educators around the globe. Prior to AWS, Biswas delivered key innovations at Petco Health & Wellness Company (NASDAQ:WOOF), which is one of the largest specialty retailers in the US. His work at Petco consisted of multi-million dollar enterprise transformation via machine learning innovations with computer vision and advanced seasonal forecasting mechanisms with time-series algorithms that helped Petco grow their private brands business.

Exemplary Thought Leadership

Biswas is an avid public speaker and regularly presents at coveted industry conferences such as AWS re:Invent, and Global Summits, that are often attended by thousands of professionals from across the globe every year. Biswas has been in the public speaking sphere since 2019 starting at the annual AWS re:Invent conference where he delivered his first keynote on a unique computer vision based innovation. Since then, he has appeared in all subsequent annual AWS re:Invent conferences until the most recent 2023 AWS re:Invent, along with annual AWS Global Summits in San Francisco, Anaheim, New York, to present his research work and innovations to industry professionals. He has also been invited to speak at renowned industry conferences such as Gen AI Conference, and Ai4 Conference.

Biswas’s achievements are not merely limited to his research work and public speaking endeavors, he is also an avid advocate and active contributor to several AI open-source software. Some of the popular computer vision open-source softwares he created consistently receives tens of thousands of downloads every week. With his contributions, he has helped seamless integration of AWS generative AI systems into open source software, making them more accessible to millions of users world-wide. The adoption of these open-source systems demonstrates the impact of his contribution in the field of AI and Machine Learning. Biswas also actively serves at peer review panels at several scientific journal publishing platforms such as Quarterly Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovations, and Sage Science Review of Applied Machine Learning. Biswas’s AI and engineering career started at IBM Inc. and then subsequently at Oracle Corp, two of the largest software giants and later at Petco Health & Wellness Inc. Biswas joined AWS in 2020 where he is dedicated to cutting-edge AI research and development


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Anjanava Biswas, an AI specialist and engineer at Amazon Web Services, is celebrated for his substantial contributions to Applied AI, particularly in computer vision, NLP, and generative AI. With over 17 years of experience, Biswas has significantly advanced AI technology, making impactful strides in OCR, NLP, and generative AI innovations that are widely adopted and cited in AI research. His work has improved various industry sectors, including finance and healthcare. As an acclaimed speaker and educator, he has trained over a million professionals worldwide and contributed to open-source AI software. Biswas's recognition spans prestigious memberships and fellowships in major engineering and technology institutions globally.


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