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Alpha Group of Concepts Inc Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Alpha Group of Concepts Inc., based in the Philippines, has been awarded a 2024 Global Recognition Award for its remarkable achievements in the Food and Beverage industry. Under the leadership of Ernest Idea, the company has demonstrated exceptional growth and innovation, particularly with its brand GoDo.

A significant factor contributing to the company’s success and their 2024 Global Recognition Award is the celebration of their first anniversary last December 2023, marked by the expansion to over 100 franchisees and presence in more than 50 municipalities nationwide. This rapid growth within a year of operation indicates their strong business model and effective market penetration strategies.

The company’s innovative approach in the industry, leading to its 2024 Global Recognition Award, is evident in its unique product offering. GoDo is the first brand in the market to serve quality fruit milkshakes at an accessible price point of Php 39. This strategy sets them apart in the competitive landscape and makes quality refreshments more accessible to a broader customer base.

With over 80 branches nationwide, GoDo’s impact is substantial, serving over 1,000 cups of fruit milkshakes daily. This impressive customer reach further demonstrates the brand’s popularity and the effectiveness of its product and marketing strategies.

What sets Alpha Group of Concepts Inc. apart, contributing to their receipt of a 2024 Global Recognition Award is their commitment to quality and safety without compromising profit margins. Their best-selling Mango/Avocado Milk-Shakes and Cheesecake-Shakes, along with seasonal limited-time offer flavors, have successfully re-engaged the market and solidified their position as a leader in the industry.

Furthermore, the company’s compliance with FDA Philippines and their registered trademark with IPO for GoDo reflect their dedication to operating within regulatory standards and ensuring the highest quality for their customers.

Final Words

In conclusion, receiving a 2024 Global Recognition Award by Alpha Group of Concepts Inc. is a testament to their innovative approach, rapid expansion, and commitment to quality in the food and beverage industry. Their unique positioning in the market, coupled with their expansive reach and adherence to safety and quality standards, makes them a deserving recipient of this prestigious award. The company’s successful brand GoDo has set a new benchmark in the industry for affordability, quality, and market engagement


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Alpha Group of Concepts Inc., a Philippine-based company, has earned acclaim for its rapid growth and innovation in the Food and Beverage industry. Celebrating its first anniversary with over 100 franchisees, the company's success is highlighted by its popular brand, GoDo. GoDo distinguishes itself by offering affordable, quality fruit milkshakes, leading to significant market penetration. With over 80 branches nationwide, they serve a large customer base daily, emphasizing quality and safety while maintaining profitability. Their adherence to regulatory standards and focus on unique product offerings like Mango/Avocado Milk-Shakes and Cheesecake-Shakes have solidified their industry leadership


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