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Akshay Sekar Chandrasekaran Receives 2024 Global Recognition Award

Akshay Sekar Chandrasekaran‘s distinction with the 2024 Global Recognition Award™ underscores his unparalleled contributions in technology, cybersecurity, compliance operations, and artificial intelligence innovation. The award, known for its exacting standards, celebrates Akshay’s role in driving significant advancements within the tech sector, particularly emphasizing his impact on streamlining operations and enhancing security and customer experience across financial transactions in North America.

As the Senior Technical Compliance Manager at Intuit, Akshay has redefined the efficiency of cybersecurity measures. He has saved over 3,600 hours of manual labor by automating critical compliance tasks, showcasing his innovative approach to preemptive problem-solving and customer service enhancement. His foresight in addressing potential issues before they escalate has conserved resources and fortified trust and reliability in Intuit’s offerings.

Akshay’s leadership extended to securing major compliance certifications, which supported over $300 billion in transactions across the US and Canada. His initiatives facilitated a seamless bi-directional data exchange with more than 20,000 financial institutions globally, including efficiently processing 1.7 million cryptocurrency transactions. This has significantly reduced manual labor for Intuit’s customers, exemplifying Akshay’s commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and user experience.

Moreover, his development of tools for auditing across various frameworks like SOC, ISO 27001, and PCI-DSS has improved compliance by 27%. His prowess in engineering led to the creation of scripts and documentation that halved the time required to address compliance-related risks. Akshay’s instrumental role in completing audits for major frameworks and bolstering the security of cloud services through strategic code changes and adherence to CIS benchmark best practices further demonstrates his profound impact on Intuit’s compliance and security stature.

In artificial intelligence, Akshay’s work was pivotal in launching Intuit Assist, a GenAI-driven platform revolutionizing financial decision-making. Offering personalized recommendations, this platform empowers consumers and small businesses to confidently make informed economic choices. The integration of GenAI across Intuit’s product suite, including Credit Karma, QuickBooks, Mailchimp, and TurboTax, has enabled over 100 million small business customers to make swift, informed decisions concerning finance, accounting, marketing, and taxes. This not only provided Intuit a competitive edge but also earned it a place on Fortune’s 50 AI Innovators list, showcasing the transformative potential of AI in industry-specific applications.

Alex Sterling from the Global Recognition Awards™ commends Akshay’s innovative spirit and expertise, highlighting how his work has set new standards for technological excellence and efficiency in business processes. This accolade from a figure of Sterling’s stature underlines the broad implications of Akshay’s contributions to the tech industry.

Akshay’s career spans prominent organizations like Intuit, Cloudflare, and The Mathworks, where he has consistently delivered impactful results. At Intuit, his role as a Sr. Technical Compliance Manager has been pivotal in enhancing the company’s security posture and compliance processes, firmly establishing his candidacy for the “Global Recognition Award.” His efforts in elevating cybersecurity practices and fostering a culture of security awareness are commendable.

His work at Cloudflare, where he strategically implemented algorithmic rules to enhance product response to security threats, significantly reduced the risk of data breaches for customers. This initiative improved product reliability and solidified Cloudflare’s position as a trusted leader in secure software services. At Wipro, Akshay led the adoption of cutting-edge security measures, fostering a security-first culture in product development. This approach has been key in launching secure features and products maintaining a competitive edge in product innovation and security.

Akshay’s achievements are also recognized beyond corporate accomplishments. He has been acknowledged as a Subject Matter Expert by Avocation Education Services and holds a prestigious Cisco Certified Network Associate Certification, underscoring his technical expertise.

In summary, Akshay Sekar Chandrasekaran’s exemplary achievements in cybersecurity, combined with his leadership and innovation, make him an outstanding recipient of the Global Recognition Award™. His quantifiable improvements have advanced Intuit’s security posture and operational efficiency and positively impacted the broader cybersecurity ecosystem. Akshay’s distinguished efforts and outcomes highlight his well-deserved recognition and underscore his significant contributions to the technology field.


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Akshay Sekar Chandrasekaran, a Senior Technical Compliance Manager at Intuit, has earned recognition for his outstanding contributions to cybersecurity and compliance. His work involves leading initiatives to enhance software security, governance, risk management, and compliance across the organization. Akshay has significantly automated cybersecurity compliance operations, leading to substantial time savings and improved customer experience. His efforts in obtaining crucial compliance certifications have facilitated secure transactions worth over $300 billion. Akshay's innovative approaches have also supported the development of specialized tooling for audit frameworks, streamlining compliance operations and enhancing Intuit's security posture within cloud services.


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