Rebecca Petroff of Sunstate Conveyancing CELEBRATES 2023 GLOBAL RECOGNITION AWARD™

Global Recognition Awards

Rebecca Petroff of Sunstate Conveyancing Receives 2023 Global Recognition Award

Rebecca Petroff and Sunstate Conveyancing have distinguished themselves in the legal industry, earning a 2023 Global Recognition Award. Their unique approach to conveyancing transcends legal complexities, exemplifying a commitment to reshaping industry norms and nurturing a forward-thinking work culture. This award acknowledges their significant role in transforming the conveyancing sector through innovative initiatives and a steadfast focus on client service and workplace diversity.

Innovative Leadership

The “Conveyancing Fun Facts” initiative, pioneered by Rebecca Petroff, epitomizes their innovative spirit. This concept has redefined how legal information is communicated to real estate agents, simplifying complex legal terms into understandable content. This initiative has not only streamlined property transactions but also fostered a collaborative industry atmosphere. Rebecca’s visionary leadership and Sunstate Conveyancing’s dedication to effective communication have been integral to their success.

Commitment to Diversity and Flexibility

Sunstate Conveyancing’s progressive policies, particularly in supporting working mothers with flexible working arrangements, highlight their commitment to diversity. This strategy has yielded tangible benefits like higher employee satisfaction and retention, showcasing their understanding of modern workplace needs. Their endeavors in promoting gender equality and work-life balance position them as pioneers in fostering an equitable legal industry.

Client-Centric Solutions

The firm’s introduction of client-focused solutions, such as “buy now” options, reflects their commitment to improving client experiences. Along with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, these initiatives demonstrate an acute understanding of client needs and market trends. This strategic approach in providing tailored services has been pivotal in establishing Sunstate Conveyancing as a reputable and innovative entity in the conveyancing field.

Talent Development and Mentorship

Focusing on talent development through mentorship and skill-building, Sunstate Conveyancing has invested significantly in its human resources. This emphasis on empowering their team promotes a culture of growth and learning, enhancing the firm’s capabilities and contributing to their industry leadership.

Impressive Growth and Industry Recognition

Their substantial growth in revenue and client base, coupled with accolades from prestigious awards like the Women in Law Awards and the Telstra Business Awards, affirm their impact and excellence in the legal sector. These recognitions highlight their success in not only advancing their firm but also in setting new standards in the industry.

Final Words

Overall, Sunstate Conveyancing, led by Rebecca Petroff, has made significant strides in the conveyancing industry. Their innovative methods, dedication to diversity, focus on client service, and commitment to talent development collectively underscore their excellence. Receiving a 2023 Global Recognition Award is a deserving tribute to their contributions, which have substantially elevated their operations and established new benchmarks for quality and inclusivity in the legal profession.


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Real Estate, Conveyancing


Queensland, Australia

What They Do

Sunstate Conveyancing, through its online conveyancing service, is redefining the traditional property transfer process. This innovative approach utilizes the capabilities of digital platforms such as PEXA, enabling a much faster and efficient conveyancing experience. The integration of technology expedites various aspects of the process, particularly in lodgements and financial transactions, effectively bypassing the time-consuming steps like waiting for bank cheques to clear.


Rebecca Petroff

Year Founded


Company Size

11-50 employees


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