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Carina Pratt Receives 2023 Global Recognition Award

Stirling, Scotland, a place steeped in history and beauty, has become the canvas for one individual’s quest to redefine beauty and fashion. At the heart of this transformative journey is Carina Pratt of Carina Rose Hair and Beauty. Recognizing her myriad contributions and the significant imprints she has left on her industry, we are proud to award her with a 2023 Global Recognition Award.

Educational and Professional Odyssey

Carina’s unwavering dedication to her craft is evident not just through her practical accomplishments but also her relentless pursuit of knowledge. The embodiment of this is her attainment of a masters degree in fashion and design. This academic prowess complements her professional realm where beauty is not seen in isolation but as a harmonious blend of hair, makeup, and fashion. Her design philosophy is not about mere adornment but crafting a holistic appearance, a total package that speaks volumes about her vision.

Sustainability at the Forefront

In today’s fast-paced world, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a necessity. Carina’s “Recycling by Design” initiative seamlessly intertwines this necessity with fashion. It’s not limited to sourcing ethical products for hair and beauty, but extends to the core of her fashion design ethos. By repurposing items to craft bespoke fashion show garments, Carina champions the ethos of a circular economy in an industry often criticized for its wastefulness.

Recognition in the Industry

Achievement seldom goes unnoticed, and Carina’s pioneering strides in the fashion and beauty landscape are a testament to this adage. Her design acumen led her to the Gok Wan show in Glasgow, and her sustainable vision secured her a spot in the revered FDC Young Designer Fashion Show in London. Beyond mere participation, she has been an influencer, making waves in sustainable fashion discussions by joining the sustainable fashion and textiles council.

Distinguishing Factors

In an industry teeming with talent, Carina’s distinctive approach sets her apart. Her proclivity for avant-garde design combined with tailored makeup and hair design creates an unparalleled experience for her clientele. By integrating innovative design with sustainable business practices, Carina Rose Hair and Beauty has not only etched its unique identity but has significantly influenced the broader industry.

Final Words

Carina Pratt’s unique blend of innovative design, sustainability, and comprehensive beauty approach positions her as a beacon in the beauty and fashion industries. Her achievements are not just in her designs but in the sustainable principles she embeds within them. Such dedication, commitment, and vision make her a deserving recipient of a 2023 Global Recognition Award.


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Carina Rose Hair and Beauty is more than just a salon; it's a sanctuary for self-expression and confidence. Offering a diverse range of hair and makeup packages, the establishment aims to make every client feel their absolute best. Whether you're seeking a transformative haircut, a luxurious color treatment, or professional makeup application for special occasions, Carina Rose provides tailored experiences that are sure to elevate not just your appearance but also your self-esteem.


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