Global Recognition Awards

AFCG Construction Inc Receives 2023 Global Recognition Award

AFCG Construction Inc., a firm embedded in the meticulous craft and business of construction, exhibits a striking trajectory in financial growth, projecting an 80% surge in its annual revenue from 2022 to 2023. Expanding from 10M to a projected 18M within a mere year span indicates a potent blend of strategic mastery and operational proficiency, particularly amidst global economic intricacies. Navigating through the labyrinths of market dynamics, the company has managed to forge a pathway that not only sustains but remarkably amplifies its financial foothold in the industry.

Innovation and Industry Influence

In a sector where adaptability becomes synonymous with survival and growth, AFCG Construction Inc. has erected its stature firmly in the arena of innovation, particularly in the realms of insurance and technological advancement. Leveraging artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics to enhance and streamline claims processing and risk assessments delineates a clear commitment to not merely keep pace with, but significantly influence, emergent industry trends and technologies.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Practices

The company’s profound investment in sustainable practices positions it as a contemporary leader in a construction industry that is steadily pivoting towards eco-conscious operations. AFCG does not solely engage in environmentally friendly and energy-efficient practices; it embeds them into its operational core, ensuring that its projects not only adhere to but advocate for a construction future that harmoniously coexists with environmental imperatives. The organizational ethos aligns not just with trend adherence but pioneers a pathway that intersects financial viability with palpable environmental responsibility.

In-House Expertise and Comprehensive Solutions

The integration of in-house experts spanning architects, engineers, and project managers showcases AFCG Construction Inc.’s commitment to providing comprehensive and coordinated solutions to its clientele. This internal ecosystem of varied expertise not only facilitates enhanced coordination and quality control but also optimizes project execution to ensure improved outcomes. Here, every constructed entity isn’t merely a building; it’s a testament to a meticulously managed, expertly executed operation, reflecting the company’s client-centric ethos.

Leadership and Company Culture

The leadership of Deric Beaulieu steers AFCG Construction Inc. towards an organizational culture steeped in honesty, transparency, and collaborative engagement with both clients and internal teams. The cultural and operational paradigm under Deric’s leadership is to entrench sustainability into the firm’s operational blueprint, ensuring that every project, every collaboration, and every strategy is tinted with a shade of green, symbolizing a steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility.

Client-Centric Operations

The pivotal element that distinctly places AFCG Construction Inc. on a pedestal of its own is its unwavering commitment to a client-centric approach, epitomized through its “Design built” service. This encapsulates not just their expertise but also their dedication to guiding clients through the labyrinthine reconstruction process, especially post-crisis, providing not just services, but comprehensive, empathetic support. A company that sees beyond contracts to value the people behind them substantiates why AFCG Construction Inc. is thoroughly deserving of a 2023 Global Recognition Award.

Final Words

AFCG Construction Inc.’s journey is painted with innovation, commitment, strategic acumen, and a deeply rooted dedication to forging pathways that serve clients, the environment, and the future of the construction industry. It stands not just as a company but as an exemplar of how businesses can, with adept strategy and a firm commitment to values, sculpt a trajectory that ascends even amidst challenges. This compelling narrative of financial acumen, innovation, sustainable practices, expert integration, and unwavering client commitment is what resoundingly echoes the reasons behind their deserving receipt of a 2023 Global Recognition Award.


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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

What They Do

AFCG Construction Inc operates across the country and specializes in all kinds of home renovation, commercial renovations, New built, remodeling, waterproofing, foundation and French Drain repair and installation services that will increase the value, beauty along with the energy efficiency of your property.


Antoine Caron and Deric Beaulieu

Year Founded


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25-50 employees


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